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Once again, we welcome back Karawasa, and true to form, he did not come empty handed! He brings for our gaming enjoyment, the newest...


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Once again, we welcome back Karawasa, and true to form, he did not come empty handed! He brings for our gaming enjoyment, the newest version of his Tropical Tag map!

For those of you that are wondering, Tropical Tag is a revolutionary Tag game that seeks to set a new standard for the genre. Adds many new dynamics not found in any other Tag, and eliminates a plethora of problems found in almost all others. This map has been worked on extensivly by a number of people since November 2005. Tropical Tag is a variation of Sheep Tag. The basic hunters hunt down prey concept is maintained. The differences are seen in the variety of things that the Fish and Naga are able to do or build. Different environments also play a major role in this deviation. Tropical Tag is more complex then Sheep Tag which helps to preserve its lasting appeal.

Some of the features of this map are: Invisible towers (and upgrades) weakened Healing fires moved to both shops from center Various terrain tweaks made And more

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Refer to the readme for more details

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Download 'tropical_tag_3.0.w3x' (915KB)

Tropical Tag 3.0 has finally been released.


-Earth Elemental reworked
-Naga Tracer/Pinger now finds Submerged Sea Dragon
-Healing fires moved to both shops from center
-Various terrain tweaks made
-Invisible towers (and upgrades) weakened
-Fish Hook slightly faster


-Deathmatch bugs fixed
-Sea Dragon bug fixed (for sure)
-Revealing abilities nerfed
-Maelstrom Aura buffed
-Overpowering Waves buffed and has a new animation
-Galick Gun nerfed
-Daylight Dash nerfed slightly
-Minor terrain tweaks
-Flamestrike reworked
-Tooltip corrections made


-Pick from one of six Fish or four Naga.
-Each custom unit has their own unique abilities and characteristics.
-A beautiful terrain enchances the gameplay experience.
-No memory leaks, this map will not build up lag as you play.
-JASS enchanced spells add to the uniqueness of abilities.
-A host of common Tag problems fixed. This includes boring hunters, abusable farm locations, lack of lasting appeal and many others.
-A very polished map. You will not find tooltip errors or hotkey conflicts here.
-The game has gone through several months of balancing, and at this point is mostly balanced.
-A large tech tree for Fish buildings. With extensive upgrades for a variety of base farms, you have several different paths you can take when building.
-The Fish have access to many different items via a buildable item shop which yeilds yet another element to Fish gameplay.
-The Naga also have access to their own item shop. Unlike other tags, the items available to the Naga are quite fun (Blink, Fish Hook, Stasis Traps etc.)
-Custom fog, water color, ambient sounds, shadows and critters enhance gaming environment
-The environment is supported by periodic random weather effects.
-There is now a greater importance to dying/saving for Fish which has been influenced by punishment and rewards.
-Has been updated since November 2005 and will continue to be until completion.


-Thanks to Tarano for quality initial trigger work and helping me get this project off the ground.
-Thanks to Jimpy for amazing terrain work. This map could not have gotten nearly this far without you.
-Thanks to emjlr3 for a lot of trigger help. A good deal of things in this map wouldn't be here or be as good without your help.
-Thanks to the members of for providing feedback and various help throughout the map update process.

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