The ultimate WorldEdit Mod now available for Patch 1.13 and higher. For those of you that never heard of UMSWE, here's a brief s...


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The ultimate WorldEdit Mod now available for Patch 1.13 and higher. For those of you that never heard of UMSWE, here's a brief summary: UMSWE has been the best WorldEdit Mod that has been available for every version of Warcraft 3. Adding new triggers, new functions, and the ability to make straight cliffs easily, UMSWE is a must have for all Warcraft 3 Map Makers.


An incredible WorldEdit mod compatible with patch 1.13


A must have for all mappers and modders alike.


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Download '' (1014KB)

Build 719: 08.12.2003


Extract to Warcraft 2 Directory. Run UMSWE 4.1.exe.

	Trigger Editor changes:
	  - Fixed a bug with the "Learn Skill" trigger
	  - Added "Learn Skill (takes abilcode)"
	  - Fixed the color presets
	  - Fixed "Trigger - Remove Condition"
	  - Fixed "Trigger - Remove Action"
	  - Fixed the red cliff bug
	  - Added the real function "X of Unit" (GetUnitX)
	  - Added the real function "Y of Unit" (GetUnitY)
	  - Added the unit group function "Unit Group - Create" (CreateGroup)
	  - Added the action "Unit Group - Destroy" (DestroyGroup)
	  - Added several versions of "Unit - Issue Order Targeting An Item"
	  - Added additional versions of the "Unit Group - Issue Order Targeting A Unit/Item/Point/Destructable/No Target" actions
	    that take strings/ordercodes as orders instead of presets.
	      Info: If you want to use the presets, you can still use the old triggers.
	  - Changed a lot of triggers to reference to common.j functions instead of blizzard.j functions.
	      Info: The functionality of the triggers remained untouched.
	      	    Why common.j functions instead of blizzard.j functions?:
	      	    That is quite simple to answer. common.j contains the built-in functions while blizzard.j uses the functions 
	      	    in common.j to define more complex functions, or just functions for the sake of simplicity (the WE uses very 
	      	    much blizzard.j functions). However, there is a lot of functions, that are the same in common.j and blizzard.j 
	      	    save for their names. For the reason that a blizzard.j function has to call another function, they are slower, 
	      	    so using their common.j equivalents saves performance and memory usage in the game. You might won't notice any 
	      	    change, but they have to be faster.
	  - Added Custom Script Trigger Calls
	      Info: Read the tutorial to find out how it works.
	  - Added support for trackables:
	      New Events: 
	  - Added a lot of group functions (GroupEnumUnitsOfType, GroupEnumUnitsOfTypeCounted, GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer, GroupEnumUnitsInRect,
	    GroupEnumUnitsInRectCounted, GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLoc, GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLocCounted, GroupEnumUnitsSelected)
	      Info: These trigger action need the unit name, that is specified in column 6 in UnitUI.slk. You can enter it manually
	            or make use of the new unit name presets.
	  - Added unit name presets

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