Warcraft 2.5

wc_2.5_v0.9mc_ancient_forest.w3x —


Horde. It aims to bring the gameplay of Warcraft2, Starcraft:Broodwar and Armies of Exigo to Warcraft 3.Some examples of changed gameplay:- expanding is more important- most units die faster but also can be produced faster- new armor/damage system- micro is similar to Starcraft Broodwar- macro is more important compared to Warcraft 3- no heroes are available- advanced tooltip system- upgrades need more time to research compared to Warcraft 3- maps are designed with lots of chokes and cliffs to make positioning more important- flying dropships are available- several new models- foodcap 200- special naval maps (WIP)- special maps with underground caves and mercs/creeps (WIP)Credits to:Mephestrial,Mr.Goblin, Deolrin, [email protected],Dentarg,Drink,Callahan,Mechanical Man,DonDustin,FranksterIam still searching for testers, terrainers and AI coders/scripters.If you want to see VODs, replays or Images check http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-25


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