Warcraft 3 Card Game



A dynamic card game based in Warcraft 3? Sounds like it can't be done, but BeLugh and Slin have done it in Warcraft 3 Card Game.

The authors said this game was supposed to be based off of similar card games such as Pokemon™ and Yu-Gi-Oh™. At the beginning, players must make their own decks to battle other players. Unlike other card games, everyone is able to get anything they want at anytime. The decks are custom-- they should be made up of items, units, spells, and support structures for a balanced deck.

Once a deck is made, the players battle it out on one of three arenas. The three arenas includes a fire themed, an ice themed, and a forest themed. This adds to the detail and complexity of each battle; as they are highly detailed in both the battles and the background.

When a player goes to battle, a complex system goes into play. Instead of classic RTS battles, the winner will be determined on how much the unit's health and damage is instantly, if a unit is stronger it will be killed instantly or soon after. This is opposed to having a long sequence of units battling each other for a longer time, as decks can be very large. Each unit also has a special ability which can be used in battle, adding to the different stratigies one can use.

If your looking for a more complex type map, then Warcraft 3 Card Game is your map!



To install, place the map in your Warcraft 3 maps folder.

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