Warcraft III Art tools



Comprising a set of plugins for Discreet®’s 3ds max®, these tools allow advanced users to create, modify, and quickly preview models and animations, including particle and ribbon effects, that can be used in custom maps created with Warcraft III’s World Editor. Please note that Blizzard does not directly support the Warcraft III Art Tools.

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You must install the Warcraft III Art Tools into your 3ds max® installation directory. 

You must have a valid license for 3ds max 4 in order to use the Warcraft III Art Tools. We highly recommend that you use 3ds max version 4.26 with Service Pack 1 installed. Windows® 2000 or Windows XP is suggested. To create textures, you will need a paint program, such as Adobe® Photoshop®. 

The Warcraft III Art Tools installer assumes that your 3ds max plug-ins directory is called "Plugins" and is a subdirectory of your 3ds max installation folder. If you use a different location for your plug-in directory, you will need to manually copy the plug-ins to that directory after installation completes.

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