Warcraft III model editor



This program is designed to edit models, not to create new ones, but in later versions, this will be possible.

Current functionality

a)Loading/Saving The model editor can load and save most .mdx files, because of the few unknown blocks of data in the .mdx file, some models may not load or save, and we are greatly sorry for this.

b) Export The model editor can export the vertex data to a .obj format, this can then be imported into programs like... I) Milkshape3D II) 3DSMax III) GMax IV) Maya IMPORTANT c) Import The model editor can import a .obj file with the following qualifications... I) The .obj file most contain ONLY the vertex data II) The number of vertices MUST be the same amount of vertices in the model that your importing into.

To import a .obj exported by a modeling program, you must first manually remove data in the .obj file EXCEPT for the vertex data(starts with a 'v', then followed by 3 floats).

d) Model View The model viewer is soon to become the graphical model editor. I've been having troubles with the 3D vertex selection in MFC, so you'll just have to hang tight. :)


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