Warlords and Regiments (WaR)

Warlords and Regiments v0.15 beta (1/11/08) (Protected)

Official Site: http://warlordsandregiments.blogspot.com

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Warlords and Regiments v0.15 beta (1/11/08) (Protected)

Official Site: http://warlordsandregiments.blogspot.com

Warlords and Regiments is a 12-Player AoS (Aeon of Strife) type Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Expansion map. Created by Bountygiver and Spritviper by 29.02.2008, it is basically a 4-team hero vs hero map, with 3 players per team, which the victory condition is to destroy all 3 of your opponents.

Features: 1: 48 all new, custom made heroes with 2 normal skills (Up to level 7), 1 lesser power (Up to level 6) and 1 ultimate (Up to level 5). Hero levels up to level 40. 2: Over 100 types of items, combinations, upgradable items and secret items.(Major game change in v0.15) Unique dual-sided "click and upgrade" item system which enables players to upgrade or downgrade their items with a single click of the mouse. 3: (Major game update in v0.15) Reasonably large map size which is big enough to retain its "epic-ness" and small enough to provide a fast-paced gameplay. 4: Highly detailed and balanced terraining, with quick and efficient alternative routes in wilderness areas for hunting and ambushing. 5: Fountains to heal and revealers to scout enemy heroes in the wilderness. 6: Multiple stackable game modes. (Major game update in v0.15) Complete with the all-new tag mode which enable players to switch between 2 heroes. 7: 4 lanes for each team. The top and bottom lanes lead to seperate bases while the middle two lanes lead to a single opposite enemy base. 8: (Major game change in v0.10) A hero in-built teleporting system, with purchasable teleporting points. 9. (Major game change in v0.15) Added tomes, complete with a anti-error system which makes sure the only heroes are able to buy tomes.

Full hero list: Human: Sendion Firebrand the Elder Wizard (INT) Algeon Chaosblade the Sacred Swordsman (STR) Sylvanas Windrunner the Master Ranger (AGI) Aldrius Rockshatter the Castle Defender (STR) Thargor the Skirmisher (AGI) Kael the Blood Mage (INT) Altagar the Titan (STR) Fenris Siegeweaver the Chaos Prophet (INT) Azar Faius the Highwayman Lord (AGI) Barsarus the Emissary of Inferno (INT) Erebus Axil the Manticore (AGI) Sarjorn the Crusader of Justice (STR)

Orc: Cairne Bloodhoof the Tauren Chieftian (STR) Thrall the Orc Warchief (INT) Mikasa the Blademaster (AGI) Skaroth the Stormcaller (INT) Zal'Thikok the Troll Headhunter (AGI) Nazgrel the Champion Raider (STR) Razordown the Harpy Queen (AGI) Ghalthen Rockspur the Ogre Lord (STR) Val'dik the Ice Troll Shaman (INT) Dag'zrel the Berserk (STR) Bladewing the Sky Terror (AGI) Ghelzherg the Ritualist (INT)

Undead: Arthas the Death Knight (STR) Drashmir the Vampire Lord (STR) Ralzagok the Nether Dragon (AGI) Azureron the Frost Dragon (STR) Hel the Fallen Seraph (INT) Illamjhir the Necromaster (INT) Synone the Stygian Wraith (AGI) Xephirax the Gravekeeper (INT) Shulgoth the Dark Crusader (STR) Valgus the Tree Devil (AGI) Maghirnir the Exiled Magus (INT) Kal'shaiev the Fallen Warlord (STR)

Night Elf: Shadowfury the Mirage (AGI) Sarquiris the Naga Enchatress (INT) Shandris Feathermoon the Shadow Marksman (AGI) Nillea Shadowedge the Phantom Striker (AGI) Growlunn the War Druid (STR) Skyream the Storm Crow (INT) Drashiage the Ancient Hydra (STR) Keboloush the Murloc Nightcrawler (AGI) Hepthaemus the Stone Colossus (STR) Shenzei the Wings of the Tide (INT) Eleanor Moonstrider the Midnight Huntress (AGI) Lobster the Makura Deepseer (INT)

Credits: Thanks to Katanna to the LocalHandleVars script Thanks to The Hive Workshop for all the custom icons and models, and the help with the scripts. Thanks for Blizzard Entertainment for everything :) Thanks to all for playing this map :)

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