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When the game begins, players have 15 seconds to vote for the point limit. The options are 5, 10, 15 and 20 points. If the timer expires the...


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When the game begins, players have 15 seconds to vote for the point limit. The options are 5, 10, 15 and 20 points. If the timer expires then it counts your vote as 10. When everyone has voted it averages everyone's choice and that is the game limit. The first team to reach this score wins the game.

Once the point limit has been voted on, players vote to watch the intro cinematic. If everyone votes to skip the cinematic then it will be skipped. If one person chooses to watch then everyone will have to watch. If, however, during the cin any players no longer wish to watch the remainder, they may press esc and vote to stop the cin. If all remaining players vote to stop the cin, then it will stop and the game will begin.

Currently, We Were Snipers only has one type of scenario. Each team takes turns attacking each others camp area. A timer window appears with a number of seconds based on the number players. The defending team has to prevent the attackers from entering their base. If an attacker does enter the base, the timer begins counting down. If the timer reaches 0 or they kill all of the defenders, they win. On the other hand, if the defenders kill all of the attackers, they win.

The attackers only have four minutes, if they run out of time then the defenders win. The time remaining is displayed next to your gold amount. With a timer looming over each team there can be no camping and action is kept high.

When a team wins, each player on the winning team recieves 20 gold while each player on the losing team only recieves 15 gold. 1 point is also awarded to the winning team. Then it's switched up, the defenders become the attackers and vice verca.

We Were Snipers offers a measure of realism by adding limited ammo and armour that requires maintaining. You must purchase ammo in order to fire upon your enemies, run out and you become a sitting duck. Your Kevlar can only take so many bullets before it's useless, but maintaining it will ensure it protects you all game long.

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What is We Were Snipers?
We Were Snipers is a map remotely related to the movie We Were Soldiers. While that movie was the original insiration for this map, as development progressed, and gameplay was developed, the relations between the two quickly disapeared.

Basic Gameplay Overview
Gameplay is similar to that of Snipers for those of you that have played it. You control a single hero - a sniper. Equiped with Night Vision Goggles and a sniper rifle you play out senarios, purchase additional equipment and work with your team to defeat the enemy.

We Were Snipers features unique gameplay found no where else. The chase cam is customizable and features a look around option to allow looking left and right without moving the hero. We Were Snipers is loaded with custom icons, abilities, items and filters.

We Were Snipers also boasts a smooth operating cover system. When out in the open, your hero will always have a 15% chance to avoid an attack. However, this chance can be increased by taking cover in bushes, around trees, behind logs and rocks, or ducking in trenches. The map is littered with doodads that provide your hero with:
|>Poor Cover (25% chance to avoid attacks)
|>Good Cover (35% chance to avoid attacks)
|>Excellent Cover (45% chance to avoid attacks)

Author's Notes
Due to the unique gamplay and features, We Were Snipers has a moderate learning curve. It may take some users half a game before they become familiar with everything the game has to offer. If it is your first time playing, don't vote to skip the tutorial cinematic. And follow along with players that have played before. Also please keep in mind this project is completed, I will not make any changes. If there are errors due to patches or otherwise, I apologize.

Have fun, and good luck!

- Mr.Safety

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