When the Freedom Slips Away

After being almost two years making the When the Freedom Sli...


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After being almost two years making the When the Freedom Slips Away map, Rao Dao Zao seized the opportunity to improve upon it! This release bears the fruits of his labour...and it has finally arrived.

When the Freedom Slips Away v2 contains an improved custom terrain (created by the developer for this map) and overall balanced map with some of the best gameplay that can be found in any map, and with the same great storyline that impressed the WarCraft III community and gave way to over 2300 downloads!

A small expedition arrives on a tiny island, in search of land to conquer. They're soon caught between two warring towns; a mad Lord wanting to take over the world, and another trying to stop him...

But there are forces at work here that are beyond any of them - and nothing is at all what it seems...

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Download '1whenthefreedomslipsaway.w3x' (7.1MB)

All custom resources were created by me for this map, there will be no sequel. This map is an open-and-shut case.

A Clan WCM map by Rao Dao Zao. Visit us here:  http://clan-wcm.net/

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