Wrath of the Gods

Here's version 3.9 of busupshot83's Wrath of the Gods mod. A number of changes from the last one, (6 to be exact) so download and enjoy thi...


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Here's version 3.9 of busupshot83's Wrath of the Gods mod. A number of changes from the last one, (6 to be exact) so download and enjoy this great mod!


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Download 'wotg_v1.3.9.zip' (5.57MB)

Map Name:
Wrath of the Gods v.3.9

File Description:
Use the power of the gods to battle it out 2v2v2v2 in the offense map that is creating buzz on Battle.Net.  There have been a load of updates since the map was last featured on Warcraft3Files.com (version 3.0).  Listed below are some of the major problems that have plagued earlier versions, as well as any fixes applied since then:

Problem #1 - In past versions, there was not enough incentive to protect your barracks, because the spawned units were too weak versus towers, and they just fed the enemy gold.
Solution #1 - Towers and town halls' attack damage and cool down rates have been drastically lowered.  As a result, now spawned units actually are useful in attacks, as they can take out enemy structures without your help.  

Problem #2 - Because towers were too strong, all players had to do was mass towers with siege to win.
Solution #2 - Not only towers are weaker, they are also are more expensive.  Furthermore, the amount of spawned units has been increased, and because these units are more effective now, you will see a difference.

Problem #3 - In past versions, massing towers was not the only cheap thing, so was massing tanks or zeppelins.  These units were too strong, and could eliminate town halls structures really fast.
Solution #3 - Tanks, as well as zeppelins, are weaker now.

Problem #4 - Players were stocking up on armor outfits, which can give heroes up to +50 armor bonuses.  As a result, spawned units and lower-level towers were rendered useless against these players.  Even some heroes, such as magic users, were useless in these situations.
Solution #4 - Armor items have a max armor bonus of +4 now, as opposed to +10.  Players can still stack armor items, but it definitely won't have the same effect as it use to have. 

Problem #5 - Using attack items with multiple bonuses (poison attack, frost attack, etc.) did not work properly.
Solution #5 - Item tool tips have been reworked and now explain that item attack bonuses do not stack.

Problem #6 - If your partner left the game, you previously got control of his/her hero.  However, if that hero died, you could not revive it because you were not the player who initially summoned it.
Solution #6 - Triggers have been tweaked to fix this.  You should have full control of allies’ units no matter what.

You must have The Frozen Throne expansion pack to play this map!  Move the file into the following directory:  C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/Maps/Download.

Contact Information:
Email - busupshot83@yahoo.com


Battle.Net - Chutney-Bastard on U.S. Azeroth East

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