Wrath of the Gods

With over 10,000 Warcraft 3 Files downloads to its name, Chutney-Bastard's Wrath of the Gods returns with version 8.3L! Please see the read...


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With over 10,000 Warcraft 3 Files downloads to its name, Chutney-Bastard's Wrath of the Gods returns with version 8.3L! Please see the read me file below for further details!

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Download 'wrath_of_the_gods_v.8.3l.zip' (3.99MB)

Wrath of the Gods v.8.3L


Creator:  Chutney-Bastard 

Assistant Designers:  Hot-Excelsior, Bath-Room-Boi

Testers:  Big_Chips, CornGasmo, Chia, Botticus-III, TheSpoon

Featuring Art By:  Kendrick Lim

Featuring Music From:  Corner Stone Cues' "Requiem For A Tower" (2006)

Featuring Audio Clips From:  Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy" (2004) 



1) All known glitches have been fixed, resulting in the most stable and polished version yet!

2) New in-game music and audio clips.

3) New end-game awards ceremony.

4) New loading screen art by Kendrick Lim.

5) Added credits to the introduction.



The gods witness an epic war, one in which four armies are locked in a struggle for survival. Divided on who should be the victor, the gods choose sides...



1)  AOS-style gameplay with two modes: Orcs vs. Night Elves vs. Undead vs. Humans (2v2v2v2) or Alliance vs. Horde (4v4).

2)  User builds a personalized God:  pick from 24 custom base Gods, and then choose 7 abilities from a list of over 100.

3)  Level your God to 20, and upgrade your team's offense and defense to 99.

3)  Craft your very own suit of armor by combining any Head, Body, and Leg armor piece.

4)  Purchase custom weapons to gain an edge (pun intended) on the battlefield.

5)  Hire Mercenaries to shift the tide of the war:  build or repair structures, rain siege fire upon your foes, or transport your army around in a Zeppelin.

6)  Perfectly balanced for fast-paced, arcadey gameplay, without compromising strategy.

7)  Features custom loading screen art, map terrain, and in-game music.



1)  Why are there large gaps in the map versions (v6.9 jumps to v.8.2L)?
Because our team updates the map so often, it is impossible to upload every version online.  Therefore, we only upload the most stable versions online.

2)  I found a big glitch!  Where should I report it?
Please email our team at busupshot83@yahoo.com, or message Chutney-Bastard on Battle.net U.S Azeroth East.



You must have The Frozen Throne expansion pack to play this map!  Move the map file into the following directory: C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/Maps/Download.



Email:  busupshot83@yahoo.com

Battle.net:  Chutney-Bastard on U.S. Azeroth East 


Thank you for playing and supporting Wrath of the Gods!  Be sure to download the latest version at the following websites:


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