Zombie Infection Virus (ZIV)

ziv_gold_1.06a.w3x —


and nobody will stop them to eat your brain!The humans have to work as team,if they want to save their brains.About map:This is team game, all players must work together if they wont to win!Victory Zombie - Kill all humans (if zombie kill human he also become zombie)Victory Humans - Survive few minutes (player 1 can chose how much: 15,20,25,30 min)The map contains:9 classes of humans,7 classes of zombie with custom skills,32 custom items, 11 recipes (only for zombies), custom sound effects, all new models and skins,new chat system...-Zombies and Humans:Human Units: Humans are builders and warriors in same time, every human have special ability + abilities that can be upgraded.1.Commando2.Sniper3.Heavy Gunner4.Battle Droid5.Support Gunner6.Clone Trooper7.Fire Bat8.Engineer9.Sheep RebelHuman buildings:1.Barricades (work as wall,can be upgraded 3 times).2.Research Center (countains upgrades for your buildings and your warrior).3.Exchange Office (The Exchange Office is very useful. It can be used to exchange gold for honor,or honor for gold, honor is needed for some buildings and upgrades).Also can be upgraded to Trade Office.4.Trade office (Purchase attachments for Marines.Also exchange gold for honor,or honor for gold).5.Factory (Increases player gold income).6.Marine Flag (Increases courage of nearby Marines, giving them bonus damage and attack speed,also decrease armor enemy zombies.).7.Bunker (Marines can enter inside Bunker to avoid death and to fire on enemy from there. Also this building can be used like strong wall. Bunker have Emergency Repair and Rapid Fire ability).8.Power Core (Provides power, which increases the maximum number of Energy Towers that can be builded. Can be upgraded to Power Generator).9.Energy Tower (Fires bolts of energy on nearby enemies.Good at killing zombies. Iimit of Towers is 4).Zombie Units: Zombies are hero units,each zombie have 4 abilities,zombie gain level instantly when they kill human (1 kill = 1 level), zombies also can buy items and recipes.Zombies have infinite lifes, if Zombie player die he must wait 10 seconds and then he can chose different zombie unit if he wont. Also head zombies (player 11 and 12) have bonus hit points and they become stronger 5 min until game ends.1.Fat Zombie2.Raptor Zombie3.Leach Zombie4.Blood Zombie5.Classic Zombie6.Flesh Zombie7.Necro ZombieCommands:\"-kills\" (display players kills).\"-ms\" (see your move speed).CREDITS:Testers: tomislav61, georgi332, abido123, ^MYD^Baja, GGKingOfGames, caveman931, djordje99, Vunjo, Garfield1337, Lotor.t, Isus666, Vila33 and Veodoro.Model and Skin creators: Dragon Elf Mogare, Cavman, olofmoleman, General Frank, ana, Just_Spectating, 67chrome, Argus and Pins.


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