Warframe Approaches 50 Million Player Mark On Sixth Anniversary

By Digz 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The free to play online co-op action game Warframe has hit nearly 50 million registered users on its sixth anniversary. This makes 2018 the games biggest growth year to date, in 2018 111 hotfixes and 26 updates were released in the game and it was released on the Nintendo Switch too! From this time last year Warframe had 38 million registered users and now just a year on we are approaching 50 million - an increase in 12 million registered users in a year is just purely fantastic and shows the quality of content and the masterpiece of the game.

This year so far developer Digital Extremes have already launched two major updates, first off we have Nightwave and the second was Operation: Buried Debts which included the second large update to Fortuna that introduced the Hildryn Warframe, Deck 12, and a new boss fight called The Exploiter Orb. 

On Wednesday 27th March players will be given birthday gifts and these include a brand new exclusive Liset Skin, last years Dex Excalibur skin and all of the previous anniversary gifts!

So with the above in mind, what a way to kick off its sixth year anniversary by giving back to the players that make the game, and the developers are not stopping there, we know Digital Extremes are planning more updates for this year. 


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4 years ago

Guess the game's growth was way bigger than I thought, this is huge! Congrats to Digital Extremes for the continued support and maintaining their playerbase as good as they are doing.