Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 3.0.0

THE FILE INCLUDED AND A FEW MORE CHANGES, AGAIN SORRY TO ALL, THIS VERSION SHOULD WORKVersion 3.0.0 out now!!! Get it here: http://www.filef...


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THE FILE INCLUDED AND A FEW MORE CHANGES, AGAIN SORRY TO ALL, THIS VERSION SHOULD WORKVersion 3.0.0 out now!!! Get it here: http://www.filefront.com/17506269/DO...nate 3.0.0.rarThis version includes the CTerminator.SGA file which was missing, refer to the install instructions on where to put it. Basically your archives folder.Installation is the same as before, you can either delete the old mod files, or just replace them, either choice should work.Don't worry about the size of the file, there are lots of game changes Feedback is welcomed, This isn't the finale version, but it will give players a good idea of what the mod is about . ENJOY![/B]3.0.0 changes:- 2.5.5 and 2.5.0 changes-Chosen Chaos space marines increased in cost-Inferno bolter damage decreased-Chosen squad can no longer capture points- Chaos Terminator Daemon sword damage decreased-Chaos Terminator Reaper auto cannon damage decreased-Chaos Terminator Mark of Khrone cost increased-Chaos Terminator combi-bolter damage decreased-Chaos melta pistol damage increased-Tyranid Warrior barbed strangler upgrades now provides 3 of them-Tyranid Warrior barbed strangler damaged decreased-Carnifex barbed strangler damage increased-Venom cannon warriors melee damage increased2.5.5 changes- All of the changes in 2.5.0- fixed VERY ANNOYING!!! error with chaos bile spewer upgrade- New Chosen Squad for Chaos, powerful ranged unit- New UI pictures and text for chaos units2.5.0 changes- Chaos Terminators incape problem fixed- Chaos Terminators upgrades will be sorted out- Chaos Terminators reduced in cost- Chaos Terminator mark of khrone upgrade now increases speed aswell as weapon damage- New Chaos Terminator weapon upgrades- Chaos Terminator default melee damage decreased- Chaos Havok upgrades will be sorted out- Added in Chaos Havok aspiring champion leader, equipped with heavy bolter- Bloodletter hellblades do more damage- Bloodletter personal pop decreased- Both normal and assault space Terminators have been reduced in cost- Devastator sergeant added in equipped with heavy bolter - All Nob leaders will be reduced in cost- Alpha Hive Tyrant will be reduced in cost- Eldar brightlance team will have the brightlance's damaged reduced- Warp Spider team can no longer capture points- Races Global ability costs will be changed- Ranged Fallback damage increased- Heavy bolter damage for havoks and devastator decreased- HQ resource generation increasedCampaign Changes - Now get 3 attribute points when you level up instead of 2- Corrupt armour now looks like chaos marines armour ( although having trouble getting the shoulder pads showing :/)Announcing the development of a new mod called Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate. The idea behind this mod is to create a DoW 2 experience which is closer to the fluff of the Warhammer world while still maintaining a balanced and enjoyable game to play. Now before people come to conclusions that this will be a closer to codex mod, sorry to say no, the reasons for this are:- Dow 2: codex edition already sets out to achieve this(which you should go and give a go, very good mod)- I play the table top game myself (well used to) and just feel like there isn't really a mod or game out there which really captures the true fluff behind the game, like a space marines charging into a group of 10 enemies and coming out on top.- to truly capture the tabletop game I would have to greatly increase the amount of units in the game, which is fine for people with great computers but some peoples PC's just won't cope, and I want to create a mod everyone can enjoy fully.So to make it clear this mod will capture (hopefully) the fluff of Warhammer, not table top game.Main GoalTo rebalance and retune the races to achieve a more Warhammer fluffy feel. Basically in short this means changing the attributes for pretty much every unit. Also some more units will be added into the game, but not loads, as this mods main purpose is good balance.(Added in campaign changes as well for a little fun, you get pretty much all your attribute points on the first mission )General gameplay Changes - Updated- Not all infantry squads will be able to capture points, this will prevent spam of the more powerful squads, forcing players to have a variety of units on the field.- Vehicle cap introduced- Weapons do generally more damageSo yeah this is the general idea of the mod, I will post more information as the mod moves on.Race Gameplay (updated)Almost there folks , just need to make sure the balance between nids, orks, eldar and space is all good (bloody hard!)Space marines -Very few but very powerful units, able to deal with pretty much any enemy at range or in close combat- A few new upgrades for squads, including assault marines with lighting claws- Very powerful hero units- A new veteran CC squad, very powerful melee unitEldar - A very fragile army but deadly at range combat- medium number of troops- Specialised units excel at their roles, but very weak with the other side of combat-Battles with eldar are quick due to low health and high damage- Seer council squad now build-able for all 3 eldar heros Orks - "GET EM BOYZ!!" is the ork motto and the same applies to their gameplay, charge in and chop chop- Large number of units, fairly high health allows the orks to take quit a lot of punishment for how much they cost- very good at close combat, with some ranged unitsTyranids - "THERE COMIN OUT OF THE WALLS!!!! THERE COMIN OUT THE GOD DAMN WALLS!!!" Yep, that's the tyranids, they will be everywhere all the time.- the generally the weakest common troops, but their dead cheap , endless in number, and quite dangerous- Powerful leader units help guide the swarm around the map.- Can quickly capture the whole map if left unchecked- Added in the Alpha Hive Tyrant as a super unit, he kicks ass Chaos- Fewer in number and even more elite than space marines- New upgrades add more depth and gameplay- Powerful in ranged and melee combat- New terminator squad (Thanks to Shuma)- New chosen marines, powerful CC or Ranged SquadNOTE TO EVERYONEI am a one man team at the moment, and not the greatest modder in the world, as I am still learning. I'm also currently at Uni studying Computer Games Design so that will add to my skills, as a result don't expect any miracles from me or for this mod to be completed any time soon, as I have limited time I can work on the mod. But on the plus side I have a bottomless pit of ideas in my head and great motivation so that will help. Anyone reading this and wanting to be part of the mod then please give me a bell Hope people find this interesting and i will post updates soon as can. Thanks for reading. Credits:Me - ....for doing it Shuma - for his awesome chaos terminator models

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