Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 4.0

http://www.filefront.com/17608478/Da...arnate 4.0.rarThis new version is about 105Mb, yeah I know quite a jump from the 8.5Mb one :PI would...


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http://www.filefront.com/17608478/Da...arnate 4.0.rarThis new version is about 105Mb, yeah I know quite a jump from the 8.5Mb one :PI would read the rest of this page however as the mod has changes quite a bit.OverviewThe aim of this mod is to create a Dawn of War 2 game which reflects the fluff of the Warhammer universe a little better, whilst delivering a rich and engaging game experience. Each army now feels more personal, having their own way of playing.The choices you make in the game are now more difficult as a vast number of things have been updated and changed. New Gameplay- A more expensive tech tree, meaning low tier units will last longer in the game and managing your troops becomes much more important when saving up for the next tech level.- Only Tier 1 units and capture points, this massively increases their usefulness later on in the game and prevents the spamming of the more powerful units.- Vehicle cap introduced, no more spamming vehicles.- New upgrades- New units with new models, thanks to Shuma( refer to credits)- The whole new "Commander unique" system which will be explained below.- Races now feel more personal, meaning you must know the race well to get the most out of them.- Fall back ranged damage increased, you better take better care of your troops.- Hundreds of new badges and colours schemes thanks to Hangar-8 and Mirage Knight (refer to credits)Commander Unique SystemEver wanted more differences between the commanders? Well now is the case. Commanders now not only provide unique abilities to use, they now provide unique units and upgrades, only available to that commander. Now choosing your commander is a much more tactical decision, the changes for the commanders are listed below.Space MarinesForce Commander: Unique Unit: Veteran Marine Unique Upgrades: Lighting claws Techmarine: Unique Unit: Venerable Dreadnought Unique Upgrades:Extra armour, dark ageApothecary: Unique Unit: Chaplain Unique Upgrade: Minor ApothecaryChaos Space MarinesChaos Lord: Unique Unit: Khorne Berzerkers Unique Upgrades: Mark of KhornePlague Champoin: Unique Unit: Plague marines Unique Upgrades: Mark of Nurgle, Bile spewerChaos Sorcerer: Unique Unit: Rubric marines Unique Upgrades: Mark of Tzeentch, plasma gunTyranidsHive Tyrant: Unique Unit: Tyrant Guard Unique Upgrades: Toxin sacsAlpha Ravener: Unique Unit: Raveners Unique Upgrades: ScuttlersAlpha Lictor: Unique Unit:Lictors Unique Upgrades: InfiltrateOrksWarboss: Unique Unit: Mega Armoured Nobz Unique Upgrades: Wgh!!Kommando: Unique Unit: Kommnados Unique Upgrades: grenadesMek Boy: Unique Unit: Lootas Unique Upgrades: Tank armour, Improved enginesEldar(For reasons I do not want to discuss Eldar unique upgrades aren't in yet, so if you really like eldar sorry will have to wait.)Warlock: Unique Unit: WrathguardsFarseer: Unique Unit: Seer CouncilWarp spider: Unique Unit: Warp spidersSo there you go, all this is in the descriptions for the commanders apart from eldar, will fix them soon.MultiplayerI'm planning on starting a new steam group for this mod so we can get some human multiplayer going. Keep an eye out for when I do it.Also just to let you know, the expert AI is a little harder, just to warn you.CampaignMinor changes have been made here including- More attribute points to play with- Corrupt armour is now chaos armour although still some errors.Thanks for reading and really hope you enjoy the mod, feedback is welcomes and encouraged.CreditsShuma for his awesome modelshangar-8 and Mirage Knight for thier awesome badges and colours.

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