Wrath of the Blood Ravens for Chaos Rising

this legal lawyer talk.So if Relic Entertainment is offended about some of the units I put in, than please contact me here , in this forum....


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this legal lawyer talk.So if Relic Entertainment is offended about some of the units I put in, than please contact me here , in this forum. I do NOT check my email, so please write any complaint here.I will try NOT to make anything exploit-like, so it should be safe.This mod now officially needs Chaos Rising.You must have Chaos Rising in order to play this mod, and every release.(Unless I specifically release a non- Chaos Rising version, with CR stuff cut out, but than I will notify it.)Copyright and other wierd lawyer stuff here :This mod might have a few new stuff, but will NOT unlock the Chaos Race or Chaos Campaign, unless you have Chaos Rising installed.This also works backwards.If you do not have vanilla game, than you will NOT be able to play with any other race beside Chaos, and you will not be able to play the Bughunting vanilla campaign.The Last Stand heroes will not be unlocked.So this mod is not a cheat.I am only resposible for the mod I upload here in this thread that I made. I will try to do everything legally, but if by some mistake or misunderstanding I do something I should not , please notify me here, and I will take down the download, cut the trouble making content, and upload the editied version.I am taking only responsability for what I do with this mod, and I also only volunteer to correct my mistakes.I am not responsible if someone edits my mod, and uploads it with some explicit content.(Of course I will never give permission to do such a thing.)Any permissions I give only refer to legally correct modification and distribution of my mod.My permission does not authorise anyone to upload anything not legal.Warhammer 40k is copyrighted to Games Workshop, so this mod must be distributed for FREE. No one can be charged money for downloading this mod, or using it.(Unless of course Games Workshop buys it and decides to sell it, but that is extremely impropable.)I hope I covered every confusing lawthing. Please tell me if I missed something out.Legal rant ends here.1.9 version. THIS VERSION REQUIRES YOU TO HAVE CHAOS RISING.You must have bought Chaos Rising to play this mod!Chaos Rising patch 2.2 is required.Now it should work with CR campaign.Installation:1. Make a back-up copy of DoW2.module2. Copy the files from the mod archive into the Dawn of War 2 main folder.3. add the " -dev" extension to your DoW2 shortcut and play.It should look like this :"C Program FilesSteamSteam.exe" -applaunch 20570 -dev4. Optionally, you might use the pre-made shortcut included- If you have installed Steam to the standard folder. If you installed Steam elsewhere, please adjust the file, or make your own as in step 3.Credits: Thanks to Jaylo, Zetrial, Aliblabla and Darrius for their help and permission to use their mods and Chaplain Crozius.Thanks to Horusheretic for help.Special thanks to Predtor, Leves and BloodRaven121 for testing.You should start a new game!1.9 changelog:Several ability, wargear, spawn and scar errors fixed. Including Angel forge, I hope!Elite eldar enemies were made more powerful, such as warp spiders, howling banshees, warlocks and ranger who will now come in fewer numbers.Librarian is now stronger. Dreadnought has more health, but lower damage.

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