Dawn of War 2 Retribution - Reincarnate version 1.0.0



some online games.Here is a pref description about the mod, more on the homepage!!About The ModThis like the title says is a mod for Dawn of war 2 Retribution, the mods aim is to capture more of the fluff feeling of Warhammer 40K whilst still maintaining a fun and balanced game. Unlike with the previous version of the mod, this new version keeps Relic's balance in place, with only minor modifications to each unit. Some units however have changed a lot but all in the style of Relic's vanilla gameplay style. So if you love Dawn of War 2 but felt like it could been just that much more "fluffy" this is the mod for you.GameplayAs said before the gameplay is very much like vanilla with only a few additions to give it that little something more, a few new units have made it in and a couple of new "Secondary heroes" which act as another commander for your race. There has been lots of attribute tweaking to create as balanced game as it can be, changes which you will most likely have to learn over time.


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