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game. Unlike with the previous version of the mod, this new version keeps Relic's balance in place, with only minor modifications to each un...


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game. Unlike with the previous version of the mod, this new version keeps Relic's balance in place, with only minor modifications to each unit. Some units however have changed a lot but all in the style of Relic's vanilla gameplay style. So if you love Dawn of War 2 but felt like it could been just that much more "fluffy" this is the mod for you.GameplayAs said before the gameplay is very much like vanilla with only a few additions to give it that little something more, a few new units have made it in and a couple of new "Secondary heroes" which act as another commander for your race. There has been lots of attribute tweaking to create as balanced game as it can be, changes which you will most likely have to learn over time. Below I will explain some of the general and race changes that have been made.Adratus's AI (AAI)New and greatly improved AI feature in this mod, they play more aggressively and will give you a run for your money (unless you are as good as me :P). Don't expect them to run around the map capping while you build up a force like they did before, they will find you, and they will kill you. They also can build all the new units in the mod, if they choose to that is.General- Total pop cap has been raised to 120 for each race- A vehicle cap has been introduced, each race can now have only 3 vehicles at any one time, not including transports, the exception to this is guard, who can have 4 vehicles at any one time.- Quick start now doesn't just give you 9000 odd of each resource, instead I have opted for the COH version, where you now receive 2200 req and 500 power at the beginning, this allows the game to quickly progress without it just being a "rush to tier 3 and spam tanks" game.- A unit in a race is "as seen" now, meaning for example the marines in a tactical squad no longer have different stats to marines in a devastator squad, there all the same, obviously balanced accordingly.- Far more challenging AI, fixed errors that they used to do(like nids spam mines) and they will build more units and some of the new units I have added in.Whats New in Version 4.0.0Version 4.0.0, has been in the making for a long long time, as lots of you know , however I hope it was worth the wait. In general, this is just a big balancing patch from the last version, but it does make all the difference.Here's a list of changes (probs more than I can remember ):- Lots of small balance changes which I cant remember :P- devastators and havocs can no longer research lascannons or auto cannons and get 2, they must have the leader for the second one, can mix and match different weapons with the new leader upgrades.- Chaos terminators can no longer enter buildings- Nob squad size reduced by 1- Can now use chapter DLC- Guardsmen now have grenade launchers- Guardsmen now start off with 8 men + sergeant- Guardsmen free reinforcement mechanic reworked, sergeant now does not grant 1 extra man per reinforce and commissar now only grants 1 extra free man- Ogryns melee damage slightly decreased - 250 victory point match is now unlimited, so enjoy 2 vs 2 vs 2 or FFA annihilation - Space and Chaos marine predators lascannon area of effect reduced to 0, upgrade cost reduced.-Eldar webway cost increased, comes with a healing aura though.- no more secondary heros, weird boy, Liberian and autarch back to normal.- Slightly changed AI- homagaunts, termagaunts, and lictors have no up keep cost, used to balance out tyranids encomy- Honour Guards cost decreased, squad size also increased - Space marine plasma devastator sergeant upgrade cost increased- HQ health decreased to 6000

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