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Veterans, and sergeants for both the Veteran and Devastator Squads. There's more additions planned for the next few versions, but for now, t...


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Veterans, and sergeants for both the Veteran and Devastator Squads. There's more additions planned for the next few versions, but for now, the mod is in the Alpha phase so feedback is required.Here is a full run down of changes:

General Corpses and destroyed Vehicles/Buildings do not dissappear Destroyed Vehicles/Buildings are path-obstructing Armour Upgrades contain visual improvements Hitpoint/Speed/Sight/Damage/.etc changes to all affected units thus far (such individual changes will not be listed as it would bulk up the readme too much)Added new viewable units to Army Painter, including upgrades

Space Marines All squads now number 9 on creation and may be upgraded with a sergeant (with the exception of the Terminator Squads, which as of now lack Sergeant upgrades) Tactical Marines cost 540 req, Sergeant starts with Bolter Devastator Marines now start with 5 Bolters, 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher and 1 Plasma Cannon. May be upgraded with a Bolter-wielding Sergeant who will provide Sprint. Total Cost is 450 req and 90 power Assault Marines now start with 9 and cost 495 req and 45 pop initially. Veteran Marines added. May be upgraded with a Sergeant. Special Weapons include: Power Axes, Power Fists and Power Swords (purchasing upgrade will outfit the entire squad). Starts with Chainswords and Bolt Pistols. Cost is 900 req and 180 power Predator is now shifted to Tier 2 and gets an "automatic" autocannon. Cost is 1200 req and 300 power Razorback costs 400 req and 50 power Dreadnought shifted to Tier 3. Cost is 1500 req and 300 power. Power output increased to 0.5/s from 0.1667, Generators decreased to 75 req cost HQ hitpoints increased to 1 from 1000 Armour of Alacrity adds Assault Jump ability Techmarine has Consecrated Bolter -> Master-Crafted Bolter, and Master-Crafted Bolter -> Master-Crafted Missile Launcher, which behaves like a Tactical Nuclear weapon, and is shifted to Tier 3. Techmarine structures only cost 1 pop. Terminator and Assault Terminator squads cost 1800 req and 450 power, must be built from the HQ at Tier 3, can no longer be purchased with Global AbilitiesPopcap increased to 125

Orks All Tier 1 Mobz start with 30 Boyz All Tier 1 Mobz may be upgraded with 'ardboyz Armour to improved durability (costs 60 req) Tankbustas increased to 20 Boyz Nobz increased to 10 Boyz Deff Dreads cost 300 req and 50 power Wartrukks cost 100 reqKnown bugs: Techmarine has some bugged abilities and your campaign experience may be affected, primarily related to armour.:)

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