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Media ESW 2007 Season 1 #1 Warsow Frag Movie

Warsow frag movie of ESW 2007 Season 1 #1 (Jan. 27, 2007). ESW is Online Warsow 1v1 Competition in Japan (http://www.esports-gamers.com/).


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Media Warsow 0.3 Coming Soon Video

Funny playing video of Warsow 0.3 test session. If you got trouble with playing this video, please use VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan...


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Media Warsow CG Show Pressed Keys (WM)

A Warsow race video with cg_showPressedKeys 1 (new feature of Warsow 0.3).


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Media Warsow v0.4 Promo Video

A small promo clip of Warsow 0.4, showing the new iTDM gametype.


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