Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and open source multiplayer first-person shooter video game set during World War II. It was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to R...

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Ruine Castle Wezelkrozum (Wessel Kroos) 7.62MB 27
Road to Amiens Ray 'theMaker' Jensen 3.25MB 21
Rick Roll Rocket TKB_Toxic 943KB 15
Battle of Wolken 5 Guest 8.92MB 37
ET Model Tool Guest 1.37MB 45
etpub client 2009 djbarrie 1.78MB 55
ET Soundpack: Mixed Guest 1.75MB 68
PK3 Creator Flippy 5.26MB 84
DM Metro Qualmi 2.56MB 46
PK3 Creator Flippy 1.52MB 57
HDET (High-Definition Enemy Territory) Berzerkr (GER) 323.81MB 225
Baserace Source CptnTriscuit 13.1MB 49
Alchemy Castle Guest 7.21MB 43
Game Scanner - Server Browser Guest 1.59MB 65
Forteresse Sado Guest 7.23MB 81
Frost Summer CyBurk (GER) 5MB 110
The Station Magic2 9.8MB 97
Space Sniper 2 [UJE]Niek 6.44MB 32
Underwater Sniper [UJE]Niek 8.26MB 43
Enhanced Wolfcam Anonymous 419KB 22
Irmgard Complex Qualmi 2.5MB 37
Caen 2 Guest 6.5MB 112
Gun Pc 550 aipid 4.67MB 98
Knife aipid 161KB 39
Telescope aipid 304KB 63
Emot Guest 383KB 47
Irmgard Complex Qualmi 7.01MB 41
Jaymod Guest 11.32MB 247
M24 & Dragunov Sniper Rifles thunderpwn 414KB 109
Blackops House of Pain Guest 1.04MB 99
War Against Terror Skins thunderpwn 1.33MB 117
Maccupiccu Necrom@ncer FR 14.61MB 76
Breakout 2 {TibeT} 2Bit 19.43MB 136
Chartwell {TibeT} 2Bit 17.07MB 93
Capture crmbs 300KB 26
Minimizor Guest 448KB 205
Gun pack for E.T. aipid 17.67MB 294
Obersalzberg Guest 16.59MB 122
Falkenstein Orange 4.99MB 191
Supply Depot (Night) Igloo 3.2MB 408
#G2K*Skinpack draglide 8.52MB 129
NoQuarter_Dewpack_v1.2.3 DEW 3.27MB 113
Training Pit Guest 2.09MB 144
T34 Tank ischbinz and duca 2.13MB 67
Sunglasses Guest 1.04MB 85
Special Weapons ischbinz and duca 623KB 136
1o1 Desert Duel Drakir 979KB 105
Maccupiccu Necrom@ncer FR 15.82MB 133
#G2K*Funsounds draglide 11.6MB 186
Capture the box Serpentor 4.13MB 87