Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and open source multiplayer first-person shooter video game set during World War II. It was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to R...

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Multiple-Gametype Ruine Castle

Southern France, 1942. The Axis found a ruine which can be used perfect as headquarter. The Allies noticed the movement of the Axis soldiers...


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Multiple-Gametype Road to Amiens

Allies must sabotage the Towers guarding the Road to Amiens. February 18, 1944. Under cover of night, an elite Allied squad has orde...


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Mini-Mods Rick Roll Rocket

This mini-mod changes the look, and sound, of the Panzerfaust into a Rick Rolling stick of death! The Panzerfaust has Rick Astley all ove...


Objective Battle of Wolken 5

During an intense attack by Axis forces using a small fleet of Himmel Airships the capital ship, Himmelsfaust, received heavy damage and was...


Miscellanneous Tools ET Model Tool

This is the latest version of the 'ET Model Tool' v1.2.0 It is a tool for player model-makers and mappers.


Server etpub client 2009

ET Pub is a server side mod that adds new features to the game.


Sounds ET Soundpack: Mixed

EgaL of RtCW 4 ever! aka 'The Sound Engineer' made a new soundpack with 41 sounds in only 1.69 MB file size.


Mapping Tools PK3 Creator

PK3 Creator made by Flippy is a small application that can help you create your PK3 map file. It uses a simple user interface that allows yo...


Death Match DM Metro

The map is located in Russia, Metro. Its rainy and you can't hear the enemy steps. There are many places to hide, but the ones moving clearl...


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Mapping Tools PK3 Creator

PK3 Creator is a small application that can help you create your PK3 map file. It uses a simple user interface that allows you to quickly...


Mini-Mods HDET (High-Definition Enemy Territory)

This texture modification was developed in order to give Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory more detailed textures. All textures appearing i...


Prefabs Baserace Source

- Baserace Source - This package includes .map & .script files for various incarnations of the Baserace map, as well as a simplified 'tem...


Objective Alchemy Castle

The Allies moved in on a position close to Axis HQ and have to steal the Axis secret War Documents.


Server Tools Game Scanner - Server Browser

The open source project Game Scanner is a lightweight, non-bloated and low-memory footprint free software for easy browsing of your favorit...


Objective Forteresse Sado

The allies have to destroy the radio and the fuel depot. Axis have to prevent this.


Objective Frost Summer

Steal the Radar Prototypes and escape with the Truck.


Objective The Station

Its "Capture The Flag" - but its small and short spawn time - and you can't deliver the objective if the enemy got yours, and you can't secu...


Sniper Space Sniper 2

There are 2 giant spaceships in this map and the gravity is set to 250 so that you feel like really being in space. It's not really a serio...


Sniper Underwater Sniper

Take a deep breath and snipe. This map is set at the bottom of a lake. You can breath in the temples and small islands, for the rest i...


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Mini-Mods Enhanced Wolfcam

Enhanced wolfcam / wolfcam2 is an improvement to the mod 'wolfcam 0.0.3' by brugal. You can watch a demo from other player's point of view,...


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Objective Irmgard Complex

A small allied group is trying to gain access to the Irmgard Complex. They attempt to blow up Irmgard, a mighty Axis Sea Gun which only cou...


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Objective Caen 2

The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town...


Mini-Mods Gun Pc 550

It is this small including package new protect Pc 550 , which replaces thompson. Protect your own men, it possesses with functions as well a...


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Mini-Mods Knife

Package contains new version knife, which has to alter appearance and added effects.


Mini-Mods Telescope

Package contains new version binoculars, which has to alter appearance and added effects .


Mini-Mods Emot

this small addon made by JenkinS you get Emoticons above head for specified Vsays, Class specific icons for a 'Function' Vsay, Misc. ic...


Objective Irmgard Complex

A small allied group is trying to gain access to the Irmgard Complex. They attempt to blow up Irmgard, a mighty Axis Sea Gun which only cou...


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Server Jaymod

Jaymod is a server side mod that adds new features into the game.


Weapons M24 & Dragunov Sniper Rifles

two new sniper rifle skins, M24 for allies and a Dragunov for Axis


Fun Blackops House of Pain

Allies and Axis just have to kick each others ass' and make as many frags as possible.


Skins War Against Terror Skins

thunderpwn made two skin sets to turn ET into the war in Iraq.


Objective Maccupiccu

Allies need to steal the two symbols (sun and moon) and secure it on the truck stationed on the allies spawn.


Objective Breakout 2

Continuing where the previous Breakout left off, the Allies must fight their way through surrounding Axis forces and to freedom.


Objective Chartwell

Chartwell, England, 1943. Axis have launched a surprise paratrooper attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans f...


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Miscellanneous Tools Capture

'Capture' is a tool for movie makers. It executes the config, captures screenshots and the sound. The download file includes a version for...


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Miscellanneous Tools Minimizor

The purpose of this program is the minimizing of games. This program minimizes all games that allow to be minimized using OpenGL, Directx 5,...


Mini-Mods Gun pack for E.T.

Package contains 11 it protects which we can exchange for weapon mp40 and thompson. I have hopes that will oneself to please you.


Objective Obersalzberg

Axis developed a serum wich will get them substantial advantage during further war.Therefore Allies need to conquer the serum to investigate...


Objective Falkenstein

The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive...


Objective Supply Depot (Night)

Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German b...


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Skins #G2K*Skinpack

#G2K*Skinpack includes lots of skins like: Skins sten mp40 -> AK47 (axis) thompson -> M16 (allies) Panzerfaust Flamethrower ....


Skins NoQuarter_Dewpack_v1.2.3

Skinpack for NoQuarter_v1.2.3 (this file can be used for replace the default skins) Please watch the screenshot and the Readme file for mor...


Fun Training Pit

Scrim-map for 6vs6, but can be played for an 1vs1, too.


Mini-Mods T34 Tank

Replaces the Jagdpanther tank with an Russian T34.


Mini-Mods Sunglasses

this mod gives the classes cool looking sunglasses


Mini-Mods Special Weapons

Replaces the MP40 and the Thompson with a MP60 and a Thommy gun.


Objective 1o1 Desert Duel

Challenge your friends or foe´s in this 1on1 Desert Arena.


Objective Maccupiccu

Axis need to defend the maccupiccu city and the 2 symbols (sun symbol and moon symbol) protected on the 2 pyramids temples. Allies need to c...


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Sounds #G2K*Funsounds

#G2K*Tiger made this soundpack for there server, they use it and the players on the server are happy about it!


Fun Capture the box

Somewhere in the stratosphere, close to an unknown deserted planet, you can find this spaceship. Both Axis and Allies must bring some boxes...


Mini-Mods Emot

With this small addon made by JenkinS you get Emoticons above the head for specified vsays, Class specific icons for a 'Function' vsay,...


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Utilities tREMorPatch

tREMorPatch is a Patch Switching Utility for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Over the years Wolf:ET has gone through some upgrades, 4 major...


Objective Christmas Tank

The allies have to escort the tank to the Santa's building and destroy the presents there while the Axis have to stop the allies.


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Mini-Mods No Quarter X-Mas Mod

Transform the Axis into Grinches and give your ET server a holiday feel!


Objective Transylvania

allies must gain entrance to castle dracula. Find a way to the underworld (watch out for traps). Find the spike in the church and bring it t...


Server No Quarter

NoQuarter is back with a bang! We spend near a half year to make NQ better than ever before and packed the mod with near countless bigger an...


Team-Deathmatch Glider Panzerduel

There are no objectives, this map is intended for team panzer deathmatch. Each team can select any of their 5 spawn points, some of which ar...


Mini-Mods NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod 2008

Transform the Axis into Grinches and give your ET server a holiday feel! This pack includes a modified version of the Santa Cap pack by Sl...


Sniper [GG]Towers!

This is a small map I made while Practicing using GTKRadiant with Wolf:ET. Each floor requires a different stance to see properly out the w...


Mini-Mods Christmas Pack

Christmas time is here and this year I present a pack of the best xmas changes for a big server (That means, a lot is changed with such a sm...