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Published by Northerner 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
CaptnTriscuit has once again contacted me with further updates to his upcoming map, Baserace: Bastogne and everything is coming along very nicely! Below you will find info about the new map, answers to some of your questions, and a lengthy interview with the brains behind the map! Baserace: Bastogne is the 4th map in the Baserace series. each map has roughly had the same type of layout but with never before seen objectives and what is done with them! Each side of the map is identical to the other so both teams do not have any type of advantage over each other, the maps are won purely on teamwork or individual skills. The main goal is to rush to the other teams base, steal a 'constructible' box and return it to your base. the first two Baserace maps had an engineer that needed to construct the box which would build something such as a building, ammo & health, defense towers, or a wall for your base and the team to completly build there base first would win! The third map in this series would construct the boxes automatically when they were returned to a capture pad in your own base! Baserace: Bastogne has a whole new set of constucibles and the entire list can be viewed here: http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/battlefield/bas_contable.htm This map will be much larger and different then the previous maps! it now has what is called 'battle zones' which are 5 different areas that must be traversed to get to the opposing teams base. But it is not that easy, each battlezone is not always available to all team members, some zones need to be constructed and others are accessible over time! http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/battlefield/bas_zones.htm Another new feature to this map will be the 'Autogun' which is an unmanned sentry that can be placed anywhere on the map for defensive purposes, it is very deadly so be careful of these weapons! http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/battlefield/bas_con_artilleryandsupport.htm I know i have been waiting a long time for this map and i really look forward to checking it out and besides the above info i had a nice interview with CaptnTriscuit so here it is for those interested to learn more!! ======================================================================== + + + CAPTN TRISCUIT BASERACE BASTOGNE INTERVIEW + + + ======================================================================== how long have you been gaming? I've been playing games since I was young - somewhere between 3-5 I think. I started on the Nintendo Entertainment System. ----------------------------------- where did you come up with your nickname CptnTriscuit? I was playing on an 24/7 MP_Base RTCW server when someone kept joining the game with the same name as me, 'Slayer'. I had been gorging myself on Triscuits and there was a box of them next to the monitor. But just 'Triscuit' sounded wimpy, so I became an officer! Well, it seemed to make sense then... ----------------------------------- How old are you? Turned 21 on February 12th. ----------------------------------- Where are you from? A little one-traffic light town just South of Rochester, New York. ----------------------------------- What are your computer specs? I've got a big beefy RAM-jammed PCI-express machine for playing games, but most of my et-mapping is done on a my other machine. Bastogne has been developed on a Dell 4300 desktop with a 1.7 Pentium CPU, 256 MB ram, and a GForce2mx graphics card. It's served me well :). ----------------------------------- Do you have any other hobbies or anything that occupies your time when you are not mapping? I've been drawing alot lately. Nothing too fancy just pencil and paper stuff. I'm also out and about quite a bit with my digital camera; always on the look out for sweet textures or references for mapping. I also have class and work and those things occupy a good chunk of my time, unfortunately. Perhaps in the future I can smoosh 'work' and 'mapping' into the same time slot. ----------------------------------- Do you play any other games besides ET? On and off. Currently I don't. ----------------------------------- Are you looking forward to playing RTCW2? Most assuredly yes! In fact, it should be an interesting dilemma - RTCW2 or ET: Quake Wars? ----------------------------------- When did you start mapping for ET? The instant it was available. ----------------------------------- Do you map for any other games? I dabbled in Doom3 mapping and Half-Life2 mapping to get a feel for the new tech, but right now I'm focused on Enemy Territory. ----------------------------------- What other maps do you have out for ET? Besides the Baserace maps, I have released one solo project for ET called Grave Robbery. I had planned to make changes to it and release a final but the source files have been lost so I guess it will forever be a beta release. I also contributed to the map Rommel, and to the Powerball mod. ----------------------------------- Where did you come up with the idea for the baserace maps? I was messing around trying to learn the ET construction system while at the same time testing to see if you could capture a CTF flag in different locations. Well turns out you can, so I figured it might be neat to stick different capture locations together with different constructions so players could choose what they wanted to build. I loved how Enemy Territory added a bit of 'RPG' flavor to Wolfenstein with experience points and class skills; I wanted to try and make a map that would do the same. ----------------------------------- How long has it taken you to complete Baserace4 (Bastogne)? I'm not sure. I've been toying with the idea of it since before I was working on Baserace Beta3, and its still not finished. So it will have been at least a year that I have been thinking about some of the concepts. ----------------------------------- Has anyone else contributed to the completion of this map? Yeah, everyone who helped answer my questions when I was working on my older maps. The discussions on the Splash Damage forums were how I, along with everyone else, improved our mapping in one way or another. I couldn't have pulled this new project together without the experience of those discussions. ----------------------------------- Did you ever expect your other Baserace maps of being so popular? Nope. ----------------------------------- The reason I personally like them is that they are probably the only maps out that are completely equal for both sides! winning the map is entirely in the hands of the team or individual player! Did you intend for these maps to be that way? Yeah, Baserace b1 was targeted for casual public servers that ran duel objective maps. ----------------------------------- Do you have plans for any other maps in the near future? Besides Baserace Bastogne I plan on tweaking Baserace Beta 3 into a final. I'll hopefully get out the bugs and maybe add a few things. ----------------------------------- Do you have your own website? and if so, what is the address so your fans can check it out? /Battlefield is my site, and can be found at: http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/battlefield ----------------------------------- What forum do you use the most to receive feedback about your maps? The Splash Damage Level Design for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory forum at http://www.splashdamage.com/forums ----------------------------------- Do you like constructive criticism from players about your maps? Always. ----------------------------------- How long do you test for bugs before releasing your latest map? Once everything is together in one map I will run through it and test all the constructions and synergies, and watch the script in the consol as the game runs. I'll run through everything and record everything that's tested and working, at least 3 times. When I think its working right, I'll leave it for 12 hours or so, then do it again to make sure. Then after I release the map, Ill join a server running it and discover the things I missed, utter a few obscenities, and then see what I can do to fix them. ----------------------------------- i dont know about you but i hate seeing a dozen versions of the same map, i can really appreciate when a mapper takes his time in development and testing to get it right the first time when releasing a new map! do you feel the same way? Heheh. Well I agree but I don't think I can be put into such a category. For Baserace there has been... BaseRace_b1 BaseRace_b1b BaseRace_Beta2 BaseRace_b3 BaseRace_b3b BaseRace_b3a Maybe I'll do better with Bastogne! :) ----------------------------------- Do you feel ET is starting to die out? (if yes, then why?) That server list is still looking pretty plump to me. Its natural for games to loose players, but (and not that I know what I'm talking about) I think ET is doing great. Enemy Territory is an awesome game that costs you nothing get and nothing to play; I think it will continue to bring people loads of frag-filled fun for many years. ----------------------------------- I want to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and if there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so and please keep me informed when you are ready to release the map so i can inform your fans! I want to say thanks for taking the time to; or rather, taking an interest in, me and my little baserace project. I'm so very pleased that gamers have had so much fun playing these maps, because they were so much fun to make! ========================================================================================================= Northerner 02-21-06
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