Drakir's Next Map Navarone!

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EDIT: This map is now out download @ http://www.rtcwfiles.com/file.info?ID=22854 Here is what Drakir has to say about his upcoming map... [quote] the map i am going to make is based on the movie "The Guns of Navarone". For you who havent seen the movie, the Germans are planning on executing over 2000 english soldiers on a Greek island called Kheros. But the Allied forces are not going to let that happen so the plan a rescue via see. But in the waters leading into the island of Kheros is a nearby small greek island called Navarone. On the island of Navarone the Axis have 2 huge cannons inside a cliffwall with a shooting range of 200 kilometers. So to be able to get the rescue ships past the guns of Navarone they send in a small troop to blow the cannons from inside the fortress in the cliffside. The team has 5 days to do the job before the ships comes sailing by the island If they fail they will be responsible for 2000 Allied soldiers lifes. Anyhow, the map i am making is based on the movie and will not be about the complete mission. Although i am trying to get the best parts into the map. I am on my second day of mapping, and sofar the terrain is set and i have started to make the Allies first task to make, and that is climbing up the south hillside on the island of Navarone as that is the least guarded place on the island. After the climb they have to secure their position in an old temple ruin. (in other words capturing the forward spawn) [/quote] Check out the screen shots below & the rest by clicking source above & visiting the map in focus section of his website.
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