East Front game this Saturday!

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Published by Northerner 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Jep you got it we are having a game in which we are going to attempt to fill the server on the map! If you are comming reply here www.flame-guards.com or at our websites forum. www.eastfront.flame-guards.com Now onto the rules--- *Spawnkilling and Camping is ALLOWED, whining about it is not. *Do Not glitch the map, if you do first warn then kick. *Do not talk in chat about Bugs or report any if you find something post at forum. Strategy Guide--- To aim your weapon PRESS B! Do not run in the open it is lethal, use cover and flank! The Objective in der kessel is to capture all locations and hold them till round end. The team with most flags at round end wins. The time limit will be 60mins. ALL OBJECTIVES WORK! Full story--- "Thanks to a perfectly executed pincer move by the soviets, axis forces find themselves trapped in the heart of stalingrad it is vital for them to hold their ground to have any chance of survival." Basic Story--- "The germans are trapped in a small pocket of Stalingrad nicknamed Kessel. The ruskies are moving in to kill every last one of them." Russian side- on wm_mapdescription allied "The fascists are trapped! They have NOTHING! Their supply lines are cut so short they have no food,weapons or AMMUNITION! Your mission is to go into the heart of the city and KILL EVERY NAZI BASTARD WHO SET FOOT ON OUR MOTHERLAND!!!!!!! Good luck comrade." German side- "Hitler has promised an aerial drop soon, you must hold the line and keep the soviets clear from the drop zone. NOT A SINGLE NAZI WILL LEAVE STALINGRAD!" Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Hold the machine gun building! It secures our flank." 2 "Primary Objective:**Don't let them capture the factory! It controls two of the main roads." 3 "Primary Objective:**Hold the apartment! Without it we do not control the street with the factory." 4 "Primary Objective:**Do not lose the Police Station! The higher ground gives us visibly, an advantage." 5 "Primary Objective:**Hold the old house!Without it we will not be able to use the supply alley!" Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Capture the Machine Gun nest building. It will provide us good covering fire." 2 "Primary Objective:**Take the factory, it will be a key position for our snipers." 3 "Primary Objective:**Capture the apartment building, this will secure both flanks of the road." 4 "Primary Objective:**Take the Police Station, this will allow us to trap the fascists in the alley." 5 "Primary Objective:**Take the old house, it controls the back alleys." Interested????? Post here www.eastfront.flame-guards.com The server IP is PASSWORD- valentine Screenshots: Enjoy and see you there.
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