ET_Stalingrad Screenshots!

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Storm Shadow has released the screen shots for his upcoming map ET_Stalingrad. Even though the name isn't final it may chance when the beta is released soon. Here is what Storm Shadow has to say about his upcoming map... [quote]The map is roughly based on the Russian city of Stalingrad which was under siege for a year during the 2nd world war. My map is historically innacurate in the sense that every single building isnt blown to hell (like they were during the actual war) and that the Volga river is only about 2048 units across The mission: Destroy the Axis tanks. The axis have control over a small section of the city, and are guarding it with a pair of panzer tanks. The allies must go in on foot and destroy the tanks with dynamite so that Allied tanks can roll in and secure the city.[/quote]
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