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Published by Ironass 19 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
I just wanted to tell you a bit about the new stuff coming up: after seeing how uneven fun beach 2 & temple 3 were, JimBob & I have decided to release a FINAL version now. Here's a list of changes in the maps: hehe here's the list of changes atm: fun beach: - added 2 new paths to the basement which means axis have a much larger area to defend (weakens them a LOT) - generator net is grenade breakable - added health & ammo racks in the right bunkers when you go up to capture the beach bunkers (another thing to help allies) - made axis respawn 8 seconds longer!!!! - made spawns at command post only when the team owns the command post. Also, the door of that bunker comes off when allies have the com post built (faster invasion of axis basement) - moved the axis mg42 nest from the large staircase taking to the radar base 2 floors higher so axis can have a use of it - added a new forward spawn flag for allies in the radar base bunker which has the large artillery gun temple: - added a forward spawn for allies in the church ruins, just opposite the tank bridge (axis side of the canyon) which gives a function to cov ops in that part of the map - made spawns fully functionnal with selectable spawns limbo menu for both teams - made the tank 50% faster - added 3 times more tank passage points in order to avoid it having run 50 miles after being killed (lol, Kenny hated that bug) - moved the 1rst tank barrier closer to the command post - moved axis spawns in the fort (2nd axis spawn) in the inside part of the fort which means they have a longer distance to run & can't be spawn killed as easily - corrected the invisible ramp on the bridge just at the exit of the first axis spawn - moved the 2nd tank barrier closer to the temple - moved the little axis buildable mg42 that was after the fort to the first floor of the temple (improve axis defense in that area) - added a home made mini-mod: allies start the map with 15 min and the time is gradually extended to 32 as the tank progresses. This avoids playing 32 min at the canyon being slaughtered. It's just a way to end games that aren't fun where the teams aren't even at all :) Note: none of those changes are 100% sure atm. I mainly have to ask JimBob about those on temple & see if he agress on the mess I made :) There's also 2 new maps almost ready: citadel that I made with Jimbob which runs in the same style as the RTCW CP game type, and FuN Fortress which is a massive large map. Early beta creenshots of both maps can ben seen here: Best Regards Marko
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