New Wolfenstein: Complete Screenshots

By Mr.Funsocks 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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You may have seen some of the New Wolfenstein screenshots, but are you ready to see them all? FileFront has got you covered, and these look crazy. Ever since 1992 Wolfenstein has been impressing people all over the world. Now the World War Two first-person shooter is coming back. The new game follows the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein; and by the looks of it, the Nazis are back at their same tricks again. With super soldiers and new, fun weapons, this one does not look like it disappoints. There are ten screenshots attached to the news post, maybe some you have seen before. To see all fifteen of the screenshots, please click [url="http://images.filefront.com/Wolfenstein%208%2001%2008_Screenshots_Pictures/;144925;0;/screenshot.html"]here[/url]. If your looking for more information on the New Wolfenstein, look at the [url="news/New_Wolfenstein_Screenshots_and_Interview;39384"]interview by Jason Ocampo[/url] .

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