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Published by Northerner 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello All,

Soul Mappers is now open for the public. Soul Mappers is a modding community for all games that use the Q3 Engine. For anyone who doesn't know what the Q3 engine is, its the game engine for games such as Half-Life(2), Quake3 and 4, Jedi Knights Academy, and Wolfenstein games.

The goal of the Soul Mappers Community is to bring all Q3 game mappers together and help build a community that helps others learn how to become pro mappers for any game they like to play. Its also a great way to tell other about your current mapping projects and get reviews and critique on them. Everyone is welcome to come and join our community.

Tutorials are constantly being added and updated, along with great sites to get all your mapping tools and utilities.

If you've ever looked at a custom map for a game and wanted to make your own but didn't know where to start to learn how to, this is the place for you. Our members will help in every way they can to teach you how to make a map.

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