Upcoming Map Cathedral (wip)

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blushing_bride has released screen shots for his upcoming map Cathedral (wip). Here is what he says & be sure to check out the screen shots below... [quote] Im currently making a fairly big map based around an old gothic town. The screens were taken at max details with 8x8aa/af hence the low fps. I get above 100fps using my normal game playing config. Anyway the first half is a simple battle through the cathedral, allies have to blow open a door to aquire the second spawn. Once they have it the rest of the map is roughly split into three sections. Axis spawn in one and allies another while the third is entirely underwater. There are two water pumps one near allied spawn one near axis spawn. If both are broken then water is at highest level. If one is fixed (either one) then the water goes to the half way level. This will open a passage to the room with the objective in. If the allies manage to have both water pumps fixed then the water drains to its lowest level allowing another entrance to the objective room. Assuming they get both pumps working getting the gold should be easy. There are three ways back to the drop off point. One is through axis spawn and the other two are through the tunnels. If the axis manage to blow up a water pump while the allies are still traversing the tunnels with the objective the allied player will likely drown. At the moment the pumps can be destroyed by either covert or engineer. The water will go up and down quickly hopefully drowning players trapped in the tunnels. Howevere if a pump is fixed the water will go away quick so all is not lost for someone trapped inside the tunnels. The maps about 2/3rds done so im hoping to have a beta in the next few weeks if im not too busy with real work. [/quote]
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