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Death Match Attack beta

This is a new map for return to castle wolfensteinEnemy Territory Knwn Bugs: no if you know a bug please report by [email protected]


Death Match CTF Well

Trash has released a new Capture The Flag map for ET "ctf_well" The map is designed for 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 see screen shots below...


No Screenshot
Death Match ]NARF[ Practice ET

NARF[ practice ET September 29, 2003 This is just a simple terrain, with 16 spawn points per side, and no...


No Screenshot
Death Match Target Practice

Info! #. This map is a ripoff of my...


No Screenshot
Death Match 1o1 Arena

Basic Information Author : Rikard...


Death Match Sick City

Originally a kingpin map by Cole savage. Enemy Territory conversion by Rob Clayton a.k.a. {D2A}ZombiE !!extract the pk3 to /etmain fol...


Death Match King of The Hill

* Description * There is one checkpoint style objective. To win, a team must hold the objective for a certain total amount of time (5 m...


No Screenshot
Death Match War in the Woods

Type of File: Multiplayer Map for Enemy Territory Map: War in the Woods Type of map: Deathmatch Author: Bus Tarbox Website: www.bustar...


Death Match CTF Ramp

This is a fun map designed for the allies to climb the hill to see how far you can jump while grabbing the objective docs & to see if you ca...


Death Match War in Woods 2

Map: War in the Woods 2 Type of Map: Objective Author: Bus Tarbox Website: www.bustarbox.com Description: More cover, more hiding spot...


Death Match dm_hill

The bunker uphill is crucial for both parties for transmission of enemy positions. Keep the hill fortified for 10 minutes to gain victor...


Death Match Pacman

mapname:pacman version:release 1 filename:pac...


Death Match Hell

From DragonFly: The author lost his .map files due to a glitch, but the map still works so I'm going to add it. Please leave feedback in t...


No Screenshot
Death Match Great Pyramid

This is very good map made for ET . Nice job Lance - Loky3000


No Screenshot
Death Match Q3

Quake 3 map conversion to ET deathmap match


Death Match Sniper Castle

#. Objectives: Its a SnipermapOne Shot one Kill ;)


Death Match ET Headshot2

Description --...


Death Match ET_Iceworld

This is a great map made available to the Enemy Territory community, it is based on the Counterstrike: Source map fy_iceworld; It is...


Death Match D-uel

Missions: Axis/Allies: - Kill all enemies


Death Match 1v1DM

map 1v1DM Tournament Edition Objective : kill your enemy !


Death Match D-uel 3

Map: D-Uel 3 Map type: DM Author: B0n3g1b - [email protected] Visit for update: http://wet.ho.com.ua Inst...


Death Match Valhalla (Tournament Edition)

Remake mapy "Valhalla: Tournament Edition" na potrzeby ESWC Poland 2006 - PGA Team. Autorzy: Igloo, Mlyn3k i VoYtHas...


Death Match King of the Hell

Simple Death Match type map


Death Match RoN Desert Duel Final

A hot day somewhere in the desert... But there is no time to relax - the enemy waits behind every wall.. The RoN Clan | Realm of Napalm...


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