Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Fun Cluedo

Set in the country manor of the board game Cluedo (Clue in the U.S.), there is no real scenario - this is played just for laughs as a break...


Fun KOTH - Warehouse

A pure frag map, The flag has to be successfully captured and held for 3 minutes to win. A draw is also possible


Fun CTF - Station

A Capture the Flag style Enemy territory map. The scoreboard is on the compass. Capture the Enemy's flag 4 times to win, a draw is possible...


Fun Space Panzer

This is a fun map for panzerwar. The gravity is set to 200so that you can go everywhere. Almost all the platforms are moving so it really l...


Fun Clavier

Axis have built a big trojan infection into all computers in America. Allies need to destroy the main computer to kill this trojan. Allies u...


Fun Training Pit

Scrim-map for 6vs6, but can be played for an 1vs1, too.


Fun Capture the box

Somewhere in the stratosphere, close to an unknown deserted planet, you can find this spaceship. Both Axis and Allies must bring some boxes...


Fun Blackops House of Pain

Allies and Axis just have to kick each others ass' and make as many frags as possible.