Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Maps Pitch Black

Here is a great new map made by the Lang Development Team. This is a must have for all Enemy Territory players!! Great job guys.


Maps MML Helmsdeep A3_SP1

This is a small addition to the A3 release of the map. You must have the larger (10 MB) file before you can use this one.


Maps Goldeneye Temple

A pretty cool map - I think this is ViTiol's first attempt at a map. If so, great job, it is a nice map that you should all download and ch...


Maps Daybreak

Here is another great installment by Marko and company :). For more details on the map visit the following page: http://mapdesign.free.fr...


Maps MML Helmsdeep A3

MML Helmsdeep is a map based on battle of Helmsdeep from J. R. R. Tolkien's epic story The Lord of the Rings. It occurs in part two, entitl...


Maps Cathedral

A medium sized map for ET. Allies must capture the caqthedral then storm the courtyard to return the missing radar parts


Maps The Town

The Allies have infiltrated an Axis held Town. They have recieved information regarding Axis plans for a new Super Weapon. The allies must...


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Maps Axis Lab Final

This update for Axis Lab FInal addresses several scripting issues for the map. A key fix in this version is the scripting issue where the nu...


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Maps Axis Lab Final

The Axis are guarding a top secret chemical weapons laboratory working on equiping long range missles with deadly poisons, but most importan...


Maps Marrakech Streets

Allied intelligence has learned of the existence of Operation Hitlers Beard, a top secret project that the Axis top minds have been working...


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Maps Spooky map

A bit late for halloween but here it is ... Loky3000


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Maps Outreach map by try3d

Storyline: It's in the twilight hours of the war and the last of the hardcore axis are hold up in a very remote part of Northern Europe. Th...


Maps lol_funpark by Nullzilla

This is a very fun map to play even if your alone . The gravity is also really low so you can jump high but remember you can get hurt when...


Maps Ware house by zig-zag

The map supports all gametypes and it really well made just a little to dark ;) - loky3000


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Maps Whatever by Try3d

A fun map made by try3d -loky3000


Maps The River 2nd Fixed by McNite

Fixed 2 bugs we didn't find while testplaying: The Docs can be taken now without jumping on the table. You don't get stuck ba...


Maps Falcon_V2 by Serge

A nice map that supports multiple-gametypes . -loky3000


Maps ETF Industrial

The folks over at Enemy Territory: Fortress have decided to release one of their official maps to you as a beta for public testing of...


Maps EWP Trickjump

A Trickjump map with Jumps


Maps Ralmante_b's Funpark

A Trickjump map with 16 Jumps: Jump up, Iceslide, Fun jump, ladderjump, Jump down, Fast Run, Nade down, Nadejump, Swim part, Airstrike up, F...


Maps The Breakout

This is a compact map, with the action focussed around the railway bridge, but the environment is very open allowing plenty o...


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Maps TheRiver II REDUX

Spring 1945: Allied Intelligence reports that the Axis is using Castle Silbereck and its old silver mines as a bunker complex to hoard tre...


Maps Treetop

The Axis are Assaulting the Allied Missile Base in the Forest.


Maps Flag in the Middle

Info! * 6 vs. 6 map. * Game time: 1...