Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Video ET: Quake Wars E3 Trailer

This shows some really good ingame clips and battles from this upcoming title. It's well worth the download wait if your appear interested...


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Video =EVO= clan video

A fun look at some of the action that the =EVO= Clan dishes out, these guys look like they know what they're doing...so if you can't play on...


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Video KT Mix 1

A hot little action video turned in by Muta with some 'old age' tricks added to make the footage look antique! Pretty cool so check it ou...


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Video Happy Hour Video

Unzip file and open folder. Now play the video. Music by Demon_Slayer12 Video by me: Muta32 >:)


Video Frost ET Movie

Frost has created a video of ET frag highlights that runs almost 4 minutes. A second movie from frost featuring music "Hallowed Be Thy Name...


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Wallpapers Paper Axis Weaponry

This is a picture of the complete Axis weapon pack for a covert op. made out of paper. I made it on 11/26/2008 A.D. This weapon pack is near...


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Wallpapers Allied weapon pack

I promised it would be and here it is an allied engineer weapon pack. It is only a picture, so you cant download it to Wolfenstein you can...