Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Powerball Lanz 3.15MB 229
Bacon Mod _Bacon 479KB 1,417
ETSquad Svartberg 2.07MB 311
Realistic Weapons Addon Captain Bob 1.07MB 3,291
ProFrag Messiah 480KB 559
Powerball Lanz 14.23MB 1,169
Jamaica Fun Mod Cartman 7.58MB 2,269
The Price of Peace Isigny-sur-Mer tech demo Guest 13.37MB 1,531
The Price of Peace LCVP tech demo Guest 2.79MB 954
ET:PACK (Skins + Sounds) Schubi 26.53MB 5,160
A Good Small Update Guest 3.16MB 1,477
Gore Mod Bones76 127KB 1,832
ET-Double Pain Pack Mod Guest 2.4MB 2,109
Funny and Stupid Mod Guest 18.79MB 538
Night Vision Scope mod Guest 780KB 948
ET Realsnipers Guest 2.09MB 2,372
ET Pub (Server) Guest 3.84MB 1,222
ET Pub (client) Guest 1.78MB 1,275
ET Pub (client) Guest 3.8MB 2,487
ET Pub 0.6.5 Server & Client Guest 3.84MB 1,815
RS Mod RAYBACK 4.11MB 548
No Quarter Guest 23.54MB 7,555
No Mercy Sound Pack DyNasty 23.91MB 1,213
Star Wars Full Conversion Mod Guest 35.35MB 885
T2X Modmod -t2x- go! 4.53MB 211
ET Paintball Mod Guest 1.22MB 878
etpub: Elitemod elitemod 10.26MB 191
etpub: Elitemod elitemod 8.79MB 226
Desert Axis Skinpack The Soldier 4.19MB 4,122
New Weapons Skins Guest 1.77MB 6,607
Goofy skin mod Goofy mod team 2.24MB 1,365
Reflection Remover Guest 72KB 753
ET-Skinpack chriptor 8.57MB 1,814
British Skins Giancarlo Schiano 4.81MB 1,195
Star Wars Guest 41.61MB 4,583
Chriptor's ET Skinpack chriptor 12MB 2,266
z_fieldopsincompl Guest 684KB 391
chriptor's inofensive skinpack chriptor 9.69MB 637
Chriptor Reduced SkinPack Guest 5.61MB 630
Days of the Golden Eagle Fall Miguel Nunes 4.22MB 584
CHRIPTOR-skinSR Guest 6.38MB 775
Xmas Health & Ammo Packs EB 15KB 1,051
Xmas Mods Guest 3.16MB 1,645
Realistic Weapon Mod Guest 4.7MB 2,985
Harmless Skinpack chriptor 7.73MB 1,137
Axis Infantry Guest 4.49MB 906
leon weapon skins Leon 326KB 1,054
German Elite & U.S. Rangers Skins Guest 1.97MB 1,441
Reality Skins Giancarlo Schiano 34.95MB 1,574
USMC Skin Guest 8.52MB 254