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Mods Powerball

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Powerball Beta 0.1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Lanz...


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Mods Bacon Mod

FIXES - Fixed the instagib bug that would crash the client on environment damage. - Better shuffle algorithm (thanks to pack)....


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Mods ETSquad

:-: Installation : Unzip to your main "return to castle wolfenstein - enemy territory", it will open a directory named "etsquad" with t...


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Mods Realistic Weapons Addon

Enemy Territory Realistic Weapons Addon By CaptainBob1944 2/9/04 Installation: Extract the .zip file to your Enemy T...


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Mods ProFrag

Installation Currently, this version of ProFrag, is only available to Win32 based servers. Ac...


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Mods Powerball

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Installation -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Extract the zip file...


Mods Jamaica Fun Mod

Changes-Dynamite -Limbo Menu -Lade Menu -Icons -Command Post -Construction Flags -Command Post Sound -W...


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Mods The Price of Peace Isigny-sur-Mer tech demo

Just a quick video showing part of the layout of the new Isigny-sur-Mer map for The Price of Peace mod


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Mods The Price of Peace LCVP tech demo

Just a quick little video showing the LCVP actions for their Omaha Beach map. Video will be out soon of it in action on the Omaha map.


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Mods ET:PACK (Skins + Sounds)

Here is a pretty cool installer that installs 4 pak files: * x_skin.pk3 (new skins for allies and axis, helmets, boots,...) * x_weapon...


Mods A Good Small Update

At just over 3 megs in size, and looking at some of the textures that were changed in the different maps, I can see how the author came up w...


Mods Gore Mod

Need a little colour in your life? This Mod increases the amount of blood splatter when shooting your enemy; see readme for details.


Mods ET-Double Pain Pack Mod

This is a fun Mod that comes complete with new sounds (such as screams and gasps, etc) and more blood! What more could you want? I think you...


Mods Funny and Stupid Mod

Here is a mod for the not-so-serious-gamer...or one that's in the mood for something a little off the wall. There are some changes made to...


Mods Night Vision Scope mod

This mod makes axis and allied sniper rifles and fg42 scopes Night Vision. See the screenshot for more information.


Mods ET Realsnipers

This mod changes the both silenced snipers to non silenced ones. It also changes the sound and removes the silencer in the model... Makes...


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Mods ET Pub (Server)

ETPub 0.6.3 is released! This is the last planned bugfix 0.6.x series release. Please see the ETPub Server Changelog for the details.


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Mods ET Pub (client)

ETPub 0.6.3 is released! This is the last planned bugfix 0.6.x series release. Please see the ETPub Server Changelog for the details.


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Mods ET Pub (client)

etpub (pronounced eee-tea-pub) is modification of the server-side portion of the Enemy Territory game code.


Mods ET Pub 0.6.5 Server & Client

ETPUB game server add on adds many extra features to a game server


Mods RS Mod

For those of you that want to change Enemy Territory ever so slightly, so that you can have an even more realistic experience will want to d...


Mods No Quarter

No Quarter is a mod that adds many new features to the game by adding new faces, weapons, smoke color, ranks, and much much more!


Mods No Mercy Sound Pack

Are you tired of the stock sounds of the weapons in this game? Do you crave for some new noises? To go one step further...do you crave for...


Mods Star Wars Full Conversion Mod

This is the Beta 4 release of the STAR WARS mod for Enemy Territory. This mod introduces complete uniforms, fixes texture errors and hunk a...