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Skins Reality Skins

If you're a looking for a change to your gameplay, then you're looking in the right place! This mod will make several changes to the skin...


Skins USMC Skin

this file contain the new skins for wolfenstein et ! they were taken from the skins of pacific assault game, anyway they look cool try them...


Skins 101 AB Div - M42 Jumpsuit

101° airborne div. in m42 reinforced jump suit for allied only


Skins 101* A.B. & 82 All American Div. in m43 suit

101* A.B. and 82 All american Div. in m43 suit


No Screenshot
Skins #G2K*Skinpack

#G2K*Skinpack includes lots of skins like: Skins sten mp40 -> AK47 (axis) thompson -> M16 (allies) Panzerfaust Flamethrower ....


Skins Real Wolf ET

Axis and allied skins have been replaced, Weapons etc.. watch the screenshots!!!


No Screenshot
Skins Axis Infantry -NoQuarter Skinpack

AXIS NoQuarter-Infantry skinpack by Tyrlop


Skins Danish Partisans Skinpack

This skinpack made by Tyrlop replaces the allied soldiers with danish partisans.


Skins Allie Winter Skins

Allie Winter Skin uniforms


Skins Z AIA Army skins

new style of army suits (skin pack)


Skins Z AIA School Skins

These skins are designed around a school uniform (my school) and are still being developed, they have a few design problems but they work li...


Skins aia Chainsaw Mod

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mod that makes the axis look like Leatherface (original not new) changes face, uniform and accesories such as backpa...


Skins Madras Pack

Are you looking for a little something extra in your Enemy Territory gaming experience? If so, this mod just may be what you're looking for...


Skins Greator's Mafia Mod

Greator's mafia mod for Wolfenstein Enemy territory, which makes allies look like mafia type characters


Skins Greator's Hitman Mod

mod for Wolfenstein Enemy territory, which makes allies cvops look like Hitman


Skins Greator's Zombie Mod

mod for Wolfenstein Enemy territory, which makes allies look like Zombies


Skins Greator's Melee Mod

mod for Wolfenstein Enemy territory, which removes knives from the game and allows to use fists instead


Skins Greator's ET Mod

Greator's ET Mod *New menu, ocean *New compass, golden *New smoke effect, better guality *New dynamite model, c4 *New knife model,...


Skins ET: Revaluation Axis Elite

The axis are completely dressed in black, but still good to differ (like the stock skins). Fits to all maps, equal if the scenario of the ma...


Skins ET:Revaluation - Axis Venomtroopers

I always liked the look of the Venom Troopers in RTCW, so I decided to create a skinpack as hommage to RTCW and the countless hours of fun I...


Skins 8th Afrika Korps

Axis & Allie skin pack along with a reworked limbo menu


Skins noquarter Dewpack

Reality skinpack for NoQuarter 1.1.1 You can see the changes on screenshots Some files have been taken from others mods.. and some fil...


Skins ET: Revaluation Sturmtruppe (Stormtroopers)

This is not a realistic skinpack, but it looks good and is 100% free of bugs. Perfect for public servers.


Skins Heineken Molotov Skin

The Parazit-Clan presents the Heineken skinpack for Molotov cocktail. Original Molotov cocktail texture have been changed to Heineken Beer....