Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Objective
Objective Supply Depot (Night)

Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German b...


Objective Maccupiccu

Allies need to steal the two symbols (sun and moon) and secure it on the truck stationed on the allies spawn.


Objective Obersalzberg

Axis developed a serum wich will get them substantial advantage during further war.Therefore Allies need to conquer the serum to investigate...


Objective Falkenstein

The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive...


Objective Irmgard Complex

A small allied group is trying to gain access to the Irmgard Complex. They attempt to blow up Irmgard, a mighty Axis Sea Gun which only cou...


Objective The Station

Its "Capture The Flag" - but its small and short spawn time - and you can't deliver the objective if the enemy got yours, and you can't secu...


Objective Frost Summer

Steal the Radar Prototypes and escape with the Truck.


Objective Forteresse Sado

The allies have to destroy the radio and the fuel depot. Axis have to prevent this.


Objective Alchemy Castle

The Allies moved in on a position close to Axis HQ and have to steal the Axis secret War Documents.


Objective Battle of Wolken 5

During an intense attack by Axis forces using a small fleet of Himmel Airships the capital ship, Himmelsfaust, received heavy damage and was...