Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Players
Players ET Real Skinpack

Realistic skin pack for Enemy Territory


Players Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan

Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan. Check the readme for a list of changes.


Players Chriptor Skins

Includes: new face for: allied soldier axis cvops new backpacks for: all the players new body for: all players new accesories...


Players S.W.A.T

The Allies are now magically transformed in a mean swat team.


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Players Anime Skinpack

Player model replacement pack. Replaces all Axis characters and Allied medic with anime characters.


Players Grinch Xmas skins

Transform the Axis into Grinches and give your ET server a holiday feel! This pack includes a modified version of the Santa Cap pack by Slau...


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Players Wehrmacht & Rangers Skins

This mod replaces the playerskins for axis and allies to more realistic ones. On the first sight the skins for each team look equal, they di...


Players Enemy Territory-Quakewars-Skinpack

this skinpack is for all, who cant wait for the ET-QW release. there a some changes by me taken. this is the first personal version. you w...


Players Zecibormod

ET Axis & Allie Skin pack


Players Revaluation Six Pack Skin Pack

ET:Revaluation - Six Pack Skinpack (four for the axis and two for the allieds) U.S. Rangers 1 U.S. Rangers 2 Eichenlaubtarn (Oak Leaves...


Players ETR Sturmtruppe

a new skin pack for the Axis. Looks better in game as on the screen shots. Did my best to make it bug free. If you're a skinner, please ref...


Players noquarter Dewpack

Reality skinpack for NoQuarter 1.1.1 Changelist: - Original nq axis Fieldops skin have been moved to engineer - Added new officer fie...


Players Special Ops Uniform

This is the default uniform pack for Elitemod. These are the uniforms for the new “special ops” class; however they also work on etpub, noq...


Players Special Ops Uniform with Axis Hunter

This is an optional uniform pack from Elitemod. These are the uniforms designed for the new “special ops” class; however they also work on...