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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Skins
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Skins Desert Axis Skinpack

Desert Axis Pack In this pack are 3 Files: 1. The...


Skins =XD= Skin Pack

Author: =XD=TeXaS (aka Chris McCrea) this is a skin pack MORE DESCRIPTION COMING SOON


Skins New Weapons Skins

A new weapons skin. Check the images for more information.


Skins Goofy skin mod

A mod that changes all the default et skins in to somthing thats goofy or simply called stupid loky


Skins Realistic Muzzleflash

Are the muzzleflashes from the weapons in ET just not cutting the mustard? Well here is a download that will make them look more realistic!


Skins Tides of War mod

Not a bad mod for ET; Some interesting changes to the charecter skins, etc.


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Skins Russian Mod

This changes the American forces to Russian ones.


Skins Throwable Dynomite Packs

This is a cool mod that changes the handgrenades to a dynomite pack; When thrown, it leaves a black trail of smoke and glows red until it ex...


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Skins Boards of Bachelors 18+

**WARNING****WARNING****WARNING** This mod contains nudity and might be considered offe...


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Skins 2nd Rangers Platoon Skins

Here is a Mod that makes some minor changes to the Allied skins to bring them in line with the Ranger's uniform..


Skins Reflection Remover

Tired of having a not-so-realistic looking weapon? Who is able to keep their firearms clean and shiney during a world war anyways? If you're...


Skins ET-Skinpack

Some nice touches done to the faces/uniforms of the charecters in Enemy Territory; Such as the face of Hitler, blood on the side of the neck...


Skins British Skins

A nice job on the British skins, they give the game a whole new feel. See the readme for more information.


Skins Star Wars

Developer: }K{Cheesy of clan Kaos My goal is to combine all aspects of Star Wars with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. When the mod is com...


Skins Chriptor's ET Skinpack

Here is the final version of Chriptor's skinpack, he's made a number of changes, and they all look great! It's important to note that this m...


Skins z_fieldopsincompl

A nice skin that changes the look of the Field Ops. Check it out! :mepimp:


Skins chriptor's inofensive skinpack

Chriptor has redone his popular skinpack, on request, with a few changes...the most notable change is all 'offensive' material has been re...


Skins Chriptor Reduced SkinPack

This is the final version of the chriptor's skinpack reduced


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Skins Days of The Golden Eagle Fall

Days of The Golden Eagle Fall by Miguel Nunes, SGCarlo and Robert -- Finaly, after 5 months we announced this mod the first version w...


Skins Days of the Golden Eagle Fall

Days of The Golden Eagle Fall Update by Miguel Nunes -- Updates DotGef from 1.0 to 1.1... This update will: - Add more weapon i...



This is the final version of the chriptor's skinpack SR» To install: extract the CHRIPTOR»SKINS.ZIP, and put zz_chriptor_skinsSR».pk3 into...


Skins Xmas Health & Ammo Packs

Model for RTCW:ET turns your ammo & health packs into an packs with a christmas bow SplashDamage's default models with a ribbon added Me...


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Skins Xmas Mods

several various Christmas themed skin packs - X-Mas-Grinch-Skinpack - X-Mas-Ammopacks - X-Mas-Healthpacks - X-Mas-Mine Flags - X-Mas-...


Skins Realistic Weapon Mod

| | |\/| /\ |\| __| | \ |/\| | | \/ |/ \/. |. |___ v 1.2 ...