Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Desert Axis Skinpack The Soldier 4.19MB 4,122
New Weapons Skins Guest 1.77MB 6,607
Goofy skin mod Goofy mod team 2.24MB 1,364
Reflection Remover Guest 72KB 753
ET-Skinpack chriptor 8.57MB 1,814
British Skins Giancarlo Schiano 4.81MB 1,195
Star Wars Guest 41.61MB 4,583
Chriptor's ET Skinpack chriptor 12MB 2,266
z_fieldopsincompl Guest 684KB 391
chriptor's inofensive skinpack chriptor 9.69MB 637
Chriptor Reduced SkinPack Guest 5.61MB 630
Days of the Golden Eagle Fall Miguel Nunes 4.22MB 584
CHRIPTOR-skinSR Guest 6.38MB 775
Xmas Health & Ammo Packs EB 15KB 1,051
Xmas Mods Guest 3.16MB 1,644
Realistic Weapon Mod Guest 4.7MB 2,985
Harmless Skinpack chriptor 7.73MB 1,137
Axis Infantry Guest 4.49MB 906
leon weapon skins Leon 326KB 1,054
German Elite & U.S. Rangers Skins Guest 1.97MB 1,441
Reality Skins Giancarlo Schiano 34.95MB 1,574
USMC Skin Guest 8.52MB 254
101 AB Div - M42 Jumpsuit Giancarlo Schiano 7.5MB 386
101* A.B. & 82 All American Div. in m43 suit Giancarlo Schiano 6.91MB 306
#G2K*Skinpack draglide 8.52MB 130
Real Wolf ET Guest 18.5MB 652
Axis Infantry -NoQuarter Skinpack Tyrlop 2.66MB 237
Danish Partisans Skinpack Tyrlop 2.63MB 146
Allie Winter Skins Guest 3.7MB 445
Z AIA Army skins Guest 5.46MB 172
Z AIA School Skins Guest 2.64MB 133
aia Chainsaw Mod [AIA-EU]Dead Man 4.01MB 310
Madras Pack Madras 37.43MB 185
Greator's Mafia Mod Greator 1.31MB 367
Greator's Hitman Mod Greator 941KB 334
Greator's Zombie Mod Greator 2.39MB 605
Greator's Melee Mod Greator 180KB 91
Greator's ET Mod Greator 20.61MB 247
ET: Revaluation Axis Elite Berzerkr (GER) 2.87MB 217
ET:Revaluation - Axis Venomtroopers Guest 6.53MB 179
8th Afrika Korps von Eichenlaub 16.69MB 267
noquarter Dewpack DEW 5.33MB 219
ET: Revaluation Sturmtruppe (Stormtroopers) Berzerkr (GER) 3.91MB 127
Heineken Molotov Skin Guest 75KB 264
BlackOps Zombie Skulls Blowfish 2.11MB 227
BlackOps Hunters Blowfish 1.08MB 183
ET: Revaluation Allied Skinpack: CCCP (Russian Army) Berzerkr (GER) 469KB 294
Greator's Strogg Mod Greator 9.83MB 176
=TKB=SKINS TKBZAINbzain 6.63MB 200
noquarter Dewpack DEW 9.57MB 155
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