Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Skins

This is a skin pack by =TKB=(BARBAROSA) of =TKB= clan on the 2.55 original patch. this file changes the apperance of players in the game wi...


Skins noquarter Dewpack

Skinpack for Noquarter mod A lot of details are added... for more infomations you can see the screenshots and the Readme file..


Skins NoQuarter BlackEagles

This skinpack is made for run only on noquarter mod


No Screenshot
Skins XBO Axis Mod

A new skin mod based on a few other mods made. Added a few things of my own. Like the mask of the Axis Covert on an earless head model. See...


Skins NoQuarter Dewpack

Skin pack for Noquarter 1.2.0 or above Start your noquarter server without skin bugs watch the screen shot and the Readme file for m...


Skins ET-Skinpack: Axis Winter

nice realistic winter-camouflage for the Axis.


Skins NoQuarter_Dewpack_v1.2.3

Skinpack for NoQuarter_v1.2.3 (this file can be used for replace the default skins) Please watch the screenshot and the Readme file for mor...


Skins War Against Terror Skins

thunderpwn made two skin sets to turn ET into the war in Iraq.