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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Skins
Skins Wrench Mod

Tired of running around and having to do everything with a pair of pliers? Do you long for a better tool? How about a wrench? This mod re...


Skins Axis Infantry Skins

This skin for Enemy Territory will change a number of items in the game, however, the changes will only effect the Axis. For those of you t...


Skins Marcin Skin Pack

Are you looking for a little something extra in your Enemy Territory gaming experience? If so, this mod just may be what you're look...


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Weapons Realistic Weapon Mod

Are you tired of looking at the stock skins on your ET weapons? Are you tired of your friends pointing and laughing everytime you pull out y...


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Weapons New Thompson Skin

If you don't like the way your thompson looks, then {wWs}ManGlue has the solution for you! Its his first thompson skin for ET, so go on ta...


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Weapons G&B Colt Skins

Want to have that realistic looking colt? Here is a skin that will change your black colt to grey in colour.


Weapons Carryable Browning MG

This weapon skin changes the Thompson and MP40 to a Browning MG; It also comes with a new sound. Firerate and ammo are not changed.


Weapons Carryable Browning & MG42

This mod is much like the previous Carryable Browning mod, however, this one changes the Thompson to the Browning, and the MP40 to the MG42....


Weapons Realistic Weapon (and sounds) Mod

Are you tired of looking at the stock skins on your ET weapons? Are you tired of your friends pointing and laughing everytime you pull out y...


Weapons Golden Colt 45s

How many James Bond fans do we have out there? ...Have you ever found yourself watchng one of the classic Bond flics and picturing yourself...


Weapons ET - Revaluation

The first final of ET:Revaluation is now officially released to the public. It's more than a skinpack to make the game more realistic, it c...


Weapons Z AIA Lugers Rebooted

Lugers with new skins and sounds, look more real that the original ones, features stand our more.


Weapons aia Tommy Rebooted

New Thompson SMG skins, doesn't look as fake as original gun. features stand out more and they definitely look better in game than those sc...


Weapons aia Knife Rebooted

New knife skin, taken from real pictures


Weapons M16

Replaces thompson with m16, including new sounds


Weapons M24 & Dragunov Sniper Rifles

two new sniper rifle skins, M24 for allies and a Dragunov for Axis


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Players Female Skins for True Combat: Elite

No females in True Combat: Elite!! What? No longer! Here is a set of new skins so you can pump them full of lead and then scratch their e...


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Players Russian and Italian Mod

This mod will change the player skins Allied to Russian and Axis to Italian uniforms. There are some other changes, see readme for more info...


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Players Mixed allied skins and Undead Axis skins

Need another change in the charecter skins? Heres a Mod that puts new threads on the players.


Players Volksturm & Hitler Skins

This Mod appears to be much like the Hitlr Mod, however, this one goes one step farther; with changes that include: removal of the ranks fr...


Players ET Real Skinpack

Realistic skin pack for Enemy Territory


Players Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan

Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan. Check the readme for a list of changes.


Players Chriptor Skins

Includes: new face for: allied soldier axis cvops new backpacks for: all the players new body for: all players new accesories...


Players S.W.A.T

The Allies are now magically transformed in a mean swat team.


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