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Video Covert Spy

Enemy Territory Movie #1 Homer: Covert Spy Coded needed. DivxMpeg-4 3917Fast Get it at: http://www.divx-digest.com/software/nimo_p...


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Video Adventures in Engineering

Enemy Territory Movie #2 Homer: Adventures in Engineering Coded needed. DivxMpeg-4 3917Fast Get it at: http://www.divx-digest.com/...


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Video Free Fall - The Trickjump Movie

A RtCW:ET trickjump movie from kotkis and ZeriuZ from clan MeniEnemiis. Includes a whole lot of never seen bunny and strafe jumps + lots of...


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Video Geklungel

*Short frag movie / Created by KillerkutZ / His first movie so dont complain him :p * Unzip with Winzip! * Info: [email protected]


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Video ET Moves

Author: Sick Boy Time: 4:30 Divx: 5.05 Movie Type: Trickjump NOTE: It contains some forbidden stuff, so don't try this at war


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Video M2Trickmoves 1

M2Trickmoves 1 www.mademen.net [email protected] Directed by NEO Starring: NEO Felix|R...


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Video Toxicity 2 - Mini Teaser

Toxicity 2 - Mini Teaser by CptnTriscuit http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/battlefield Here is a little teaser trailer for my current ma...


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Video I'm a Covet Ops

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory video By Mike aka Shadow Master. Email [email protected] Video Tittle: "I'm a Covet Ops" Cod...


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Video Slutting With Killerjen

Name = Slutting With Killerjen Author = -KillerJen-NL Size = ~96 megs zipped 105 megs unzipped Length = 4 mins 22 secs Playable in...


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Video Trickjump movie by KP

Author: |KP|Homer File format: AVI Its titled "Trickjumping in Enemy Territory" There is no order or theme....just some crazy jumps,...


Video Enemy Territory Real Life Parody

My friend and I made a real life parody of Enemy Territory, using sounds from the game Personal note from Dragonfly: This is a must down...


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Video Venice Trailer

This is a one minute trailer for Chavo One's Venice. (Latest version...hasbeen lightened) Format: Zipped Mpeg. Size: 15mb Map by C...


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Video FACcing Clan Movie

Here is an excellent action-packed video developed by Killer Jen of the FAC Clan. Crammed with over 8 minutes of frag time and compiled with...


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Video One Step Beyond Jump Video!

Check out the Wolf ET jumps! See Readme for more details


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Video Two Steps Beyond

Silent Knights return with their new high quality Jump Video... After painstaking work, we have managed to pack in 25 or so jumps along wit...


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Video ET Player Model Animations

This video could be very useful to mod developers, it features all ov the available animations of default ET player models, many of which ar...


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Video ET Trickjump Video

Here's another video containing some trick jumps for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Check it out and drop your feedback :).


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Video Fraghunter 2

Mehukatti has submitted this cracking 10 min movie, I think its pretty damn sweet. Watch his man shoot, nade and artillary the axis in a 52...


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Video HellzKitchen Server Video

Need to feed your ET addiction, but only have a few minutes to spare? Then this is for you! The guys over at MoH (Master of Assassins) sent...


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Video Enemy Territory Fortress: Standing Fast

This video showcases the ETF mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. |- CODEC: DivX |- Resolu...


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Video Rasta and Waki's Trickjumping Bonanza

Alot of nice and wacky jumps performed by an oldschool tricker aka .Rasta.fari. who joins up with a new kid on the block who doesn't even k...


Video ET: Quake Wars E3 Trailer

This shows some really good ingame clips and battles from this upcoming title. It's well worth the download wait if your appear interested...


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Video Dynamitable Tutorial

A video tutorial of how to make Dynamiteable Objectives in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. By Xenon. The video is a .avi file so you will need...


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Video =EVO= clan video

A fun look at some of the action that the =EVO= Clan dishes out, these guys look like they know what they're doing...so if you can't play on...


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