Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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All Files In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Weapons
Weapons Realistic Weapon (and sounds) Mod

Are you tired of looking at the stock skins on your ET weapons? Are you tired of your friends pointing and laughing everytime you pull out y...


Weapons Golden Colt 45s

How many James Bond fans do we have out there? ...Have you ever found yourself watchng one of the classic Bond flics and picturing yourself...


Weapons ET - Revaluation

The first final of ET:Revaluation is now officially released to the public. It's more than a skinpack to make the game more realistic, it c...


Weapons Z AIA Lugers Rebooted

Lugers with new skins and sounds, look more real that the original ones, features stand our more.


Weapons aia Tommy Rebooted

New Thompson SMG skins, doesn't look as fake as original gun. features stand out more and they definitely look better in game than those sc...


Weapons aia Knife Rebooted

New knife skin, taken from real pictures


Weapons M16

Replaces thompson with m16, including new sounds


Weapons M24 & Dragunov Sniper Rifles

two new sniper rifle skins, M24 for allies and a Dragunov for Axis