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File type Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title 110 Factory File name 110_factory_161.pk3 Map name...


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File type Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title 110 Factory File name 110_factory_161.pk3 Map name 110_factory Version 1.6.1 (Created Oct 2005) Author 2Bit (www.tibetclan.com) Other maps The Breakout, Glider Assault, TankBuster, British Bulldog, 6Flags, 2Tanks - available from www.tibetclan.com or www.pythononline.co.uk/et

Nbr of players Recommended minimum team size: 6 players "optimum team size: 12 players "maximum team size: 18 players

Installation Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.

Changes Bug fixes: Passengers in balloons flying over the wall were crushed Balloons didn't cease fire when allies captured the bunker

Description Allied raiders must get ashore from their stolen U-boat, storm the Me 110 factory and grab the secret radar components being fitted to aircraft on the production line.

Gameplay The Allies start inside the U-boat and must assault the forward bunker using high-speed dinghies and weather balloons. Destroying the main entrance to the airstrip will give the Allies access to the Me110 factory and the radar components within.

Allies can enter the factory via the north doors or the side entrance and will need to fight their way along the production line to the south end where the radar components are kept.

The radar components must be brought to the halftrack for an allied victory.

Gamemodes Objective, Stopwatch.

Thanks to Splash Damage and Activision. Uberdave and Detoeni for the excellent submarine model and textures. Drakir and Iffy for various neat prefabs and textures. TibeT Clan for invaluable testing and feedback.


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