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Axis strategic base / supply base located high in a mountainous region of Germany

Allies are attacking.

Allied Objectives - (Primary) Steal documents and bring them to the transmitter - Dynamite door controls to gain access to the base - Construct CP for Allied forward spawn - (Optional) Open main door for additional access

Axis Objectives - (Primary) Defend the documents - Defend the door controls and prevent Allies from entering the base - Stop the Allies from constructing the CP, or destroy it to disable their forward spawn - (Optional) Close main door to restrict allied access

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Re-Upload Request Restoration


Author                  : Dersaidin
Real name               : Andrew Browne
Location                 : Australia
E-mail                  :
Game                  : Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

Prefab Acknowledgements
Thanks! This map would look shit without them!



Flag textures from Frostbite (by Moonky) were used.


A hairline crack in the func_explosive part of the bridge.


At the top of my list of thanks are these players who have helped Adlernest become known and hopefully accepted.
These guys are doing a service to ET by helping the community embrace new custom maps.
They tell me theres others, I would like to thank those people too, but Special thanks to:
swinyboi (De)
Neillie (UK)

Special Thanks:
Demanufacturer (Au)
Transflex / Nikon (Au)
MerCuryRisIng (Au)
Madmonki (Au)
Karl (NZ)
Moley (Au)
Flip (Nz)
LoweLife (Au)
Rogue (Au)
BlackJack (Au)
WJ|Ifurita (USA)
Nemesis (Au)

Sound Editing: Thanks for putting up with me being a perfectionist in this department! :D
budGie (Au)
teh'dog (Au) 

Splashdamage forums!

Early Testers:
Aj (Au)
angelus (Au)
bumalot (Au)
budGie (Au)
Bru+E (Au)
BmX (Au)
chevron (Au)
Crunchie (Au)
c0ntagi0us (Au)
exesiv (Au)
fork (Au)
haste'e (Au)
Inso (Au)
jetz0r (Au)
Juicy.K (Au)
KaD (Au)
Leggless (Au)
Mikablah (Au)
Mita (Au)
Nad3bot* (Au)
shaggy (Au)
schism (Au)
Spinnahz (Au)
SubXero (Au)
Sykonut (Au)
Turismo (Au)
Zephyr (Au)
44HardCore (Au)


Thanks to vF clan for use of their gameserver.
Thanks to Ve clan for use of their gameserver.
Thanks to AusTourny for use of their gameservers and their support.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback. Your contribution has improved Adlernest immesureably.

Change log

- Health/Ammo Command map marker
- Lighting tweak
- Tiny asthetic adition

- more CP area changes
- door controls changes
- Axis spawn time from 25 back to 30
- Fix a couple of ledges that you shouldn't be able to stand on
- Docs run now takes 22 seconds via CP path (shortest safe path), as opposed to 17 seconds
- Updated readme and the objectives data

adlernest_b7a (Not officialy released)
- CP model fix (allied only model)
- CP Dynamite/Satchel/Nade/etc clipping
- Partialy Destructable bridge (reduce riflenades)
- Radio Dynamite bugfix
- Second switch added for main blast doors
- Ramp added near documents area
- Extra props added
- Improved backround terrain
- Other bugfixes :)

- Documents command map Icon
- Additional lighting improvements
- Added to backround terrain
- Axis spawn time reduced from 30 to 25
- Axis spawn moved further away to compensate

adlernest_b6 (Not officialy released)
- Vent grill health lowered
- Lighting improvements
- Script fixes
- Scaleing
- Added to backround terrain

- Voice overs added
- Minimap icons added
- Ramp between transmitter and CP has been changed into stairs and a room formed at the top (increases doc runs)
- More eye candy (pipes and junk)
- Texture improvements
- More environment sounds added (wind in abyss, transmitter sound, etc)
- Random fixes and improvements
- More chalk
- SOME Vis optimizations

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