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AIMod-ET Readme. (AIMod beta 0.3)

AIMod is a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory designed to add complete bot support for players to practice and for administrators to make sure there is always something to do on their server.

Currently the bot support is well on the way to completion. Field Ops will give ammo, Medics will revive and heal players, and snipers will snipe. Covert Ops are not, however, complete.

Please don't expect too much documentation as yet as this mod is still in very early beta test stages.


Support has been done for ALL THE ORIGINAL MAPS plus the following maps so far...

1944_beach 1944_forest atlantic mp_beach

... many more will be completed soon!


The only command admins or players will need to know for this mod (currently) is bot_minplayers. Use the console to .. set bot_minplayers <#> .. where <#> is the maximum number of bots for your server. NEVER set this value to the sv_maxclients value of your server, it should ALWAYS be less!


1. Simply extract this zip file into your "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" directory and then create a new shortcut to your et.exe file on your desktop.

2. Modify the properties for the shortcut (right click, then properties).

3. Go to the Target: field and add +set fs_game aimod to the end of the field. Eg: "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set fs_game aimod

Any your ready to go!

Extra Notes:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that this mod is designed to run as a dedicated server. If your not running dedicated, you may need to do a map_restart to get past some problems.

If anyone wants to contact me about this mod, you can contact me by my email below. Maybe you are a mod maker, or a map maker yourself and would like to team up? I am also unemployed, so I would be honored by anyone that could offer a small donation toward my time....

Anyway, enjoy the mod!

AIMod: (C)2004 - Unique1 ([email protected])


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