AirField Assault FP

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important information

this is the first playable test only, it is complete enough to run on a server, and is meant as a test of playability only. you will see a lot of things not finished such as the buildings in town, and not much detail or full lighting in a lot of places. there are things scheduled to be removed and put in once there is enough feedback on what is needed or should be removed, some things are as follows,

- some terrain will be removed and redone in places, ie. the allied spawn and around the airstrip. - windows and top/bottom trim on the buildings in town. - more lighting in quite a few places. - textures on a lot of buildings in both the town and especially the axis base need to be aligned. - some buuilding interiors will be redone. - the damaged and decrepid building that the allies use as a second entrance in town still needs to be finished. - the blimp is just a trial test, it may be removed, but if it is kept in after feedback, it will be redesigned, plus it's movements won't be so silly looking. ( you will see some of those when it returns.) - the side door may be removed.

what is really needed is feedback on the playability, if its to easy for the allies to win, or the axis to defend. there are other things i have not mentioned that are to be redone, so if you see something out of the ordinary be shure to mention it, all comments are welcome and appreciated.

e-mail at [email protected] or pm me in the splashdamage forum madmaximus www.splashdamage.com



AirField Assault FP Test by 'ShusterDogburt'

release date: 15.02.2004
RTCW: Enemy Territory SW,

title:            Airfield Assault First Playable test
file:             airassault_fp1.pk3
author:           MadMaximus (shusterdogburt when i play et) "mitch Lepine"
email address:    [email protected]
URL:              none, still working on it. 
description:      winter map set at night, allies trying to destroy 2 trucks at the
		  end of an airfield.

play information

gametype:	  wolfmp, wolfsw   **no lms implemented yet**
new sounds:       yes, a few new, and some modifed et vo sounds.
new graphics:     modified ones of et originals, plus a few new ones.
new music:        no
new models:	  27_tags_beta by erik_ftn.
prefabs:	  various prefabs from drakir's site - benches, barrel and a few others. 

how to play:      place the airassault_fp1.pk3 in your etmain folder and select it from the menu in game.


base:           scratch
editor:         GTK Radiant 1.3.8 ET
other programs: easygen (terrain), psp7 (graphics) and goldwave for chopping and splicing the et originals.
know bugs:      none known at this time.
build time:     overall, approx. 8 months.


thanx to ...

the people at splashdamage forum for all the help with questions and such, especially thanks to,
sock for his tunnel tutorial, damocles for reviewing what i started a long time ago and setting me straight on the difference between
detail and structural brushes. mean mr. mustard, grizzlybear, chavo_one for help with info on splines and other things,
erik_ftn for his 27_tags model without which the blimp would not move. If i have missed someone please let me know, as i like
to give credit due to those who helped.

Distribution / Permissions 

  This is the first trial of this map and may not be modified in anyway as to appear as a
completed map by anyone else than the author.

  Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.. but may do so to 
learn construction methods and technique, etc.

   You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided 
you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered.  This file may 
not be commercially exploited in any way.


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