Alpine Assault

Welcome to Alpine Assault Beta by Detoeni.

A Multi Player map for Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory.



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File Description

Welcome to Alpine Assault Beta by Detoeni.

A Multi Player map for Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory.

Please install by unzipping this file to C/…/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain.

When you un-pak the into etmain, as well as the alpine_assault_beta.pk3 you will find a folder called "aa_beta_extra_pk3". Within this you will find:

alpine_assault_beta_pro.pk3, this needs to be placed in C/…/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpro folder for the com map icons to work correctly in this mod.

alpine_assault_beta_nt.pk3 (nt = no train), moving this pk3 into etmain will disable the train should you wish to run the map without it. This pk3 affects all game types.

Both these pk3's are small and can be quickly downloaded by any client joining the server without them. For more info on adding custom scripts to this map see

The map can now be run from the server menu in all game types.

Game Information.

File name: alpine_assault_beta Menu name: Alpine_Assault_Beta Game types: wolfmp wolfsw wolflms. Players: 6 to 12 per team Version: Beta Release: 19/08/2005


"The Axis foe have converted an old mine works into a hidden bunker complex, where they are stockpiling weapons for a new offensive. The Top Secret Plans for this attack have also been kept at this location.

Can the Allies steal the plans and foil this dastardly attack by the enemy?"

Allied Objectives:

1. Take the Top Secret Plans to the Half-Track. 2. Remove the Top Secret Plans from the Safe. 3. Steal Safe Keys. 4. Control the Garage Spawn.

Axis Objective:

1. Stop the Allies from taking the Top Secret Plans to the Half-Track. 2. Stop the Allies taking the Documents from the Safe. 3. Stop Allies Stealing Safe Keys. 4. Control the Garage Spawn.



The Train will run automatically to the next stop once activated. There are four Train stops, two stops just outside the Garage and two within the tunnels. One at the Armoury, and the other, at the Stores. There are two sets of points within the tunnels that control whether the Train goes to the Armoury or to the Stores. Both teams can use the Train and points.

Please report any faults found to: [email protected]

Hope you like it and happy hunting.

©Phil "Detoeni" Gresley 2005 Copyright Permissions.

ID, Activision & Splash Damage. Original game rights.

Authors may NOT use this level, Alpine Assault, as a base to build additional level. Authors may NOT use Textures from this file. Authors may NOT use Models from this file.

You may download the some of the Models for your own use from my site

You may distribute this BSP through any electronic network, providing it's not for profit, you include this file and leave the archive intact.

You may NOT distribute this archive on CD-ROM or DVD (or other media) without written permission.


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