Ammo Bunker 2

By the beginning of March 1943 the Eighth Army, advancing westwards along the North African coast, had reached the Tunisian border and Axis...


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By the beginning of March 1943 the Eighth Army, advancing westwards along the North African coast, had reached the Tunisian border and Axis found themselves in an Allied two army pincer. They were outflanked, outmaned and outguned. The British Eighth Army shattered the Axis defense on the Mareth Line in late March and First Army in central Tunisia launched their main offensive in mid April. The axis are regathering there forces in north Africa to Tunisia where they have an ammo bunker and newly developed rocket. They have been given the order to launch the rocket on allied headquarters and hold the perimeter until reinforcements arrive. The allied forces have landed in Tunisia and are about to destroy this low guarded axis ammunition bunker and the rocket.

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 Basic Information

Author		: Orginal by Seven_dc and Joop Sloop, remake by Cube
Webpage		:

 Map Information

Game		: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title		: Ammo_bunker2
Filename	: Ammo_bunker2.pk3
Release date	: 2007-11-29

Program		: SD Radiant 1.5.0

Installation	: 1. Put the ammo_bunker2.pk3 in your etmain folder.  
				  2. If you are running a server set ammo_bunker2_b1 in your campaign file.
				  3. If you are running omni-bot on your server put the ammo_bunker_b1.way file in your ..\et\nav folder.

Ammo bunker 2 is basically a merge of Ammo bunker and Kadesh with some additional detail work. 

Ammo bunker was originally made by seven_dc. He created this map for 3 vs 3 and then altered it so it could be fit for 6 vs 6. 

Kadesh was created by Joop Sloop for the 1024 map competition.

Ammo bunker 2 has same game play as the original beside the add-on of Kadesh. Now there are two primary objectives which allies has to finish to ensure victory.

This map is fairly small, ideal for 6 vs 6. Anything over that and things will get intensive

 Special thanks and Credits to:
Main changes:

1. A beach has been added.
2. A house has been added in the main path of allies to slow them down.
3. Some details work.
4. Sounds have also been changed to desert sounds.


Primary : 

1. Destroy / protect the Axis southbunker door
2. Destroy / protect the Axis ammo storage
3. Destroy / protect the rocket

Secondery : 

1. Destroy / protect the bath house door
2. Destroy / protect doors to the garden
3. Build command post

Special Thanks:

1. To Seven_dc and Joop Sloop for giving me there source maps.
2. To Scrupus for guidens, bug fixing, prefab and general support.
3. To Fix for guidens and textures.
4. To Icarion for prefab (hookah).
5. To []v[] for models.
6. To people on SD forums for general help.



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