Assorted Scripts for RTCW:ET

A collection of 3 handy scripts all made by Darwin Award Winner. Pretty helpful I'd say :)


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A collection of 3 handy scripts all made by Darwin Award Winner. Pretty helpful I'd say :)

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Darwin Award Winner’s altbind script for RTCW:ET


Description: This script makes use of the new +vstr command to set altbinds. An altbind is like a regular bind, except the key does the altbind if and only if you are holding down alt. Basically a key combo, alt and any other key. This is useful for binding more functions to the same ammount of keys, or putting a "safety" on a key such as the voting or limbo menu buttons, so if you hit them accidentally they won't interrupt your gameplay.



Darwin Award Winner’s Expanded toggle scrpt for RTCW:ET




-          Stats, Topshots, and the Command Map are all set to toggle, so you don’t have to hold them down. Furthermore, expanding any one of them will put away the others, so it doesn’t get too cluttered.

-          Binoculars are now set on a toggle.

-          Doing any of the following will automatically put away all toggles: use button, console, limbo menu, game menu. This way, when you return to the game, the screen is clear of any screens you had out when you went into that menu. The use button simply functions as a quick “put away all toggles” button.

-          Switching weapons using the numbers 1-7 will automatically put away the binoculars.



Darwin Award Winner’s Crouch/Prone toggling script


Description: It's easy enough to make a script to toggle between crouching and standing, but ET has added another stance, prone, that can complicate things. For example, with a standard crouch toggle, if you're crouching, then you go prone, there's not fast way to stand up again. Unproning will only go back to crouching, because the crouch is still enabled. Also, if you're crouching, you can't jump quickly. You have to stand up, then jump.


This script addresses those problems and others by integrating the prone function into the script and doing more than simply togling crouch mode.

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